SEO Monday: Free SEO Tools

By Joe


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Now for the average Search engine optimizer there are a host of tools available to help you get the job done. These tools range in price from free to several hundred or even thousand dollars per year. With the right SEO tools in your toolbox you will be able to save time and money while also increasing your productivity.
I am going to introduce you to the basics free tools available to anyone with an internet connection and a web browser. Paid tools are great and often times they present value over free tools. however, with the right assortment of free tools you can be just as effective as some of the big players in the SEO world.

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First and foremost, any SEO worth his salt s going to need a keyword tool to gauge keyword popularity. I prefer the grandfather of them all, the google adwords keyword tool but there are others available such as wordtracker, keywordspy and spyfu. These tools are excellent at helping to determine your target keywords. And the paid programs can even give you insight into your competitors PPC campaigns.

Next, a few tools that are going to make day to day tasks much easier. SEO quake. SEO quake is a multi faceted tool that covers everything from inbound links, to URL age. This is a great tool and I am even more ecstatic that it has recently become compatible with Google chrome. Nik covered this one pretty in depth a couple weeks ago so I wont get too granular on this one but it is definatley worth checking out.

Another Tool that has recently come out for google chrome is the SEO SERP tool. This is a truly awesome tool for checking rankings. Not only can you look up where your website ranks within the first 10 pages of google for a phrase, but you can also toggle between countries as well. Highly recommended.

And finally, the META SEO Inspector is another great tool for analyzing on page SEO factors. This tool really saves me tons of time throughout the day. The beauty of this tool is the fact that you can look into a web pages source code, without even right clicking. By default a box is populated in the bottom right corner of your browser that contains a web pages title tag, meta description, meta keywords etc. Although it may seem like an easy thing to pull up, having all these items right in front of you does save time.

And that’s it. I hope my suggested free Seo tools are able to save you valuable time and money in your SEO projects and ventures. Also, please remember that Exclusive Concepts offers free SEO Audits, conversion audits, & ppc audits, that should help business owners in pinpointing areas for improvement. So give us a call or sign up at our website.