SEO Monday – Change in Google Results Page Display

By Tim


There have been so many changes with Google this year, that it’s getting hard to keep track of them all. The latest change we’re noticing , is the frequency in which Google is displaying multiple links for the same domain for specific keywords. We’re also seeing an increase in the number of single domain links – for example one domain could take up 5 of the top 10 links on the first page.

As an example, let’s do a search for Easton Baseball Bats in Google

You’ll see that the top 3 our of 10 results is for the manufacturer at

These are not indented listings, these are not plus box expansions – these are 3 separate links at the very top of the results page – and taking up 30% of the organic listings.

Now, this type of display has been used before – but recently the frequency in which this type of display is used has widely increased, the number of individual links displayed per domain has increased, and the amount of keywords that trigger such a display has widely increased.

So what does this mean?

Well first, we don’t know if this is something that is being tested – or something that will remain more permanent. Regardless of that however, with the holidays around the corner – it’s important to make sure you research your top keywords and see if it’s affecting you. If your main keywords are being effected by the change, chances are it will affect your click through rates…so ranking well on the first page becomes more important than ever.

If you’ve put your SEO on cruise control – it may be time to take another look, because the window to make corrections for the holidays is growing smaller.