SEO Monday – Can't Touch This: MC Hammer Enters the Search Game

By Advanced SEO Team


Today’s post is: Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer Enters the Search Game.

The engine is called WireDoo, and is being marketed as a “deep search” engine, providing “relational search” to its users. As explained by Hammer, a search for a car isn’t just about the car – it’s about the make, model, gas mileage, resell value, and local areas relative to the searcher where they can purchase. He’s looking to improve the way users are currently seeing search results – not remake the game, but improve it.

The problem I see with Hammer’s engine – besides the obvious fact that he’s going up against the king of search – is that IF it succeeds, it is not focused at online merchants, but more informational sites instead. The idea that people will be entering these obscenely broad search terms such as “car” or “house” suggests that it’s focused for those in the discovery phase of research, not those looking to purchase. There may still be opportunity for merchants, but there’s no need to put your SEO eggs in one Wiredoo basket. Google still is – and will likely remain for quite some time – the key player in the search space.