SEO Monday – 4 Types of Holiday Shoppers

By Joe


The bargain hunter is a social shopper. They have been known to use coupons when applicable and will often consult consumer reviews before purchases. The bargain hunter has been known to make holiday purchases throughout the year and usually puts some thought into their gifts.

As pictured here Kevin McAllister is the perfect example of the bargain holiday shopper. In Home Alone 1 his use of coupons while grocery shopping and his interrogation of the clerk about the American dental associations approval of his toothbrush purchase are clear signs that he is intent on making educated purchases. But also, his gift to the weird bird lady of the Turtle dove ornament is certainly an indication of his ability to put thought into his gifts.

The Frugal shopper has a notorious record of low average order values and often bases gift decisions based solely on price. The frugal shopper typically will buy items that are no frills but are staple items such as a pair of socks or mittens. The frugal shopper can at times come off as cold and calculating but at the end of the day it is the thought that counts isn’t it? Plus everyone needs socks I suppose.

It’s a no brainer that Scrooge it the classic example of the frugal shopper.

The Shy shopper may be new to making online purchases or may just be down right skeptical of the whole internet process. Perhaps they have been burned before or perhaps they just need to be shown the ropes of how easy it can be to do their shopping from the comfort of their home. It is your job to coax them out of their shell.

And finally we have the Procrastinator. Some of you out there ( myself included) may still have yet to complete your holiday shopping. If so, you may fall under this category. The procrastinator is not necessarily apathetic to the idea of gift giving. The procrastinator most likely is not even too busy to get it done earlier. The procrastinator just thrives on the drama of waiting until the last minute.

As a consequence for the lack of motivation, the procrastinator typically may have to deal with the fact that all the best gifts are sold out, or long lines the night or 2 before Christmas. Also they will have to pay a little extra for the rush shipping and run the risk of being that guy who ordered the gift but it got lost in the mail. Don’t be that guy.

As exemplified in the movie jingle all the way, Arnie fulfilled the roll of the procrastinator to a T.