SEO Monday – 4 Essentials for your 2012 SEO Strategy



1. Site Speed
In April of 2010, Google announced that they were including site speed as a new signal in their search ranking algorithms.

Best Practices recommended by Google include:(

  • optimizing caching
  • minimizing round trip times
  • minimizing upload size
  • minimize size of responses, downloads, and cached pages
  • improve browser’s layout of a page
  • optimizing for mobile devices

Not sure how to do this? Exclusive Concepts has a solution called Site Optimizer that will do all this work for you.

2. Content Strategy

A thorough assessment of top level page content should be completed, looking for duplicated, stale, shallow, or completely lacking text! The location of this text should also be considered. Your customers and Google are not going to think your words are very important if they are hidden or stuck all the way at the bottom below the footer.

Additionally, think about your product descriptions. Are they taken from the manufacturer? Unique product descriptions are important to stand out from the crowd, but this unique content also increases the overall site quality score and allows the product pages to rank better. Overwhelmed by the magnitude of product descriptions? Start on a smaller scale by prioritizing best selling products or products that you’d like to get in front of more people.

3. Social Media Marketing

Have you created a business profile for at least the big 3? Google+, Twitter and Facebook? Define your goals for this medium, figure out who your influencers may be, come up with a publishing schedule, integrate your promotions with your email campaigns and PPC promotions or maybe offer exclusive deals
and contests through social media. Using these social networks can send positive signals to the search engines about your trust and authority, particularly when people share your important content and you’re engaging in the conversation. Posts from these social networks are also appearing in search results more frequently.

4. Conversion Testing

You’re probably thinking, “hey, conversion testing has nothing to do with SEO!”, but conversion testing is like the cherry on top of your SEO sundae. With the investment you’re making in gaining more traffic from organic search, PPC, social media, and brand loyalists, why wouldn’t you want to turn more shoppers into buyers? By testing, you’ll learn more about your customers, their behavior and what messaging and merchandising resonates best and more importantly, improve your revenue.