SEO Monday – 3 Helpful Search Query Operators

By Joe


My name is Scott, an SEO Analyst at Exclusive Concepts, and today I’ll cover 3 search query operators that may be helpful for website owners.

The first query operator we’ll discuss is the site: command. This command can be used in either Bing or Google and allows you to search all indexed pages within a site. For example, if we wanted to see how many pages are indexed within the Saks Fifth Avenue website, we would enter in the search field and hit search. As you can see, the results show only pages within the Saks Fifth Ave domain. As a site owner, you could use this command to see how many of your webpages are indexed in both Google and Bing and compare that to the total number of pages on your site. You can also use this command to see your competition’s indexed webpages.

If you wanted to get even more advanced, you can use this command with additional keywords to narrow down your search. For example, let’s say I wanted to see how many pages on the Saks Fifth Ave site contained the word Gucci. To perform this query, I would use the same site: command and just enter the word Gucci after the command as shown. This can be helpful to see how many pages on the site are relevant towards the term Gucci, and also to see which pages are seen as more relevant towards the term, based on the order that they appear in the results.

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The second command we’ll discuss is the allintext: query. This command will show you all of the pages that contain a certain keyword or keywords in the body text of the page. For example, if we want to see how many pages contain the words “Gucci Blackberry case” we would enter it allintext:gucci blackberry case. The results would then show all of the pages that contain each of those three words on the page. This can be used as one of the many indicators to size up your competition for particular terms. The more pages that appear in the results, the more competitive the market.

One thing to note with this search is that the words “Gucci”, “Blackberry”, and “case” don’t necessarily all have to be next to each other, but can be located in different spots on the page. For example, these results could show a blog site that had one post about a blackberry case and another about a Gucci purse. Because all three of the words are contained on the page, it would show in the results. A way to narrow down the results and get a better measure of the true competition is by placing quotations marks around the phrase. This would then only list results that had the exact phrase “Gucci Blackberry case” contained on the page.

The third and final parameter that we’ll be discussing today is the filetype: command, which can be extremely helpful in certain situations. Let’s say as a business owner you are going for a round of financing and need to create a business plan for your investors, but don’t know where to start. If you are looking for a business plan template you can use the filetype command to search for sample business plans and templates. An example of how you would search for one is by entering filetype:doc and typing “business plan” after it, which would bring back a list of results containing business plans in the Microsoft Word .doc format.

Let’s take another example and say that you then had to create a PowerPoint presentation to pitch your business to the investors. By using filetype:ppt investor presentation, you can find a list of investor presentation’s to choose from to help craft your presentation. The list goes on of the different filetypes you can use, but some other popular ones are filetype:pdf and filetype:xls, which will bring back PDF’s and Excel files respectively.

Well, that’s all for today and I hope that you’ve found it helpful for your business. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our Advanced SEO service and request an Advanced SEO Audit for your site.

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