Searching for a Publicist in Massachusetts

By Scott

Some industries are just “all over” Internet search marketing, and others are just way behind.

I’m convinced of the value of having a good publicist and coordinated PR campaign, and just this afternoon I started doing some research to understand the lay of the land.

How do PR firms segment themselves? What PR firms would be a good fit for Exclusive Concepts? What distinguishes select firms from the best of the pack? There are the questions I wanted to answer.

So, like everyone else, I proceeded to to conduct the most obvious search I could think of:

What results came up? No joke…

1) Diary of a Studio Owner
2) [pdf] Joyce Linehan
3) The Children’s Book Council
5) Harvard Business Online

And on, and on.
Not one PR firm!

Fortunately, some PR firms were smart enough to use Sponsored Pay Per Click Ads in order to rank well (,,,,, but even the number of these firms was smaller than I would have expected.

What does this mean for PR firms? Well, it’s time to think about search engine optimization. The competition is low. Instead of paying dollars for each click… the clicks could be free!

Update – May 24, 2006

In my original post, I spoke about how publicists were missing a great opportunity to get prime search engine placement when people search Google for publicists.

Case and point. A few weeks after this very blog post went up, the Exclusive Concepts blog now ranks number 1 on a Google search for “Publicist in Massachusetts.” See how easy that was!