Search generates more leads gets higher budgets

By Herb

Since this is an online marketing blog I thought I’d share some data I recently came across that confirms the trend of Internet marketing becoming more important within the overall marketing mix. The results are from a report published by based on surveys of 826 IT marketers and 196 IT professionals conducted in April and May of this year. In the first graph search engine optimization (SEO) is considered the 2nd most effective lead generation tactic. While Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is # 7, ahead of such stalwarts as trade shows, direct mail and print advertising.

In the second chart marketing budgets are seen to reflect these results. While print, TV, and radio advertising along with trade shows have the largest percentage of respondents reporting reductions in budgets, PPC, SEO and Webinars are getting the largest increases.

Yes I know, not everything marketing does is about lead generation. But with management increasingly focused on ROI and improving revenues, lead generation must certainly be a high priority for marketing.