Search Engine Blogs – Spin and Mass Intimacy

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

In the past year, Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask Jeeves, the big four in search engines have launched their own blogs.

Search Engine Blogs as Public Relations Tools says they offer spin and mass intimacy, all in all, a successful model for tech-friendly companies to emulate.

What started as a way to say hello to their users has now transformed into a cult of transparency and communications. Along with a dash of geek-speak, crisis management and pro-active posting, these blogs have also begun to outshine the traditional forms of press and public relations, as the press and public has become as non-traditional and non-linear as the blogosphere itself….Instead, the new form of communication is an oxymoron; mass intimacy
And that’s the beauty of the Search Blogs, the PR people are behind the scenes directing the channel in the same way a political spin doctor would speak into the microphone that’s connected to the little headphone in their candidates ear on Meet the Press. That’s the PR person’s job, to set up the interviews… not do it themselves. To back up the importance of the Yahoo Search Blog to Yahoo’s press relations, the ‘former’ (?) head Yahoo Search relations person at Fleishman is now at Yahoo calling the shots for the Yahoo Search Blog. That’s a quite impressive statement for their future blog and PR plans.