Scobel, Uber-Blogger for Microsoft

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

One reason why Robert Scobel is such an uber-blogger for Microsoft is that he’s candid and transparent about failings and missteps as well as successes whether it’s Microsoft, himself or the competition. Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger. Every day he demonstrates why he’s the best.

Why such openness?

my comment I left over on Adam’s blog. “when we post things publicly we’re trying to change both the top and the bottom at the same time”…”This is a FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT in how corporations work.”The world of work is radically changing. We’ve only started to discover how.


And, let’s say your company is making mistakes. How do you fix those mistakes the fastest? By sending an email to the boss? Or by taking it into public where all the parties can give input?

It started with 9/11.

That day kicked off radical personal changes in my life. A month later I was in a car wreck, which just accelerated the changes that were coming. Over the next few months after 9/11 I went through a divorce. Got engaged to Maryam. My grandma died. I laid myself off from UserLand.

That day was also an inflection point for the blogosphere. It was the day that I realized our disaster experience had changed because now we could all share information — no matter where we were in the world — and have a global conversation. I remember getting up and talking with people in dozens of countries that morning on IM.

He’s always making connections to other people, in person at the PDC (Microsoft’s Professional Developer’s Conference) and through his blog.

He touts other people all the time, in and out of Microsoft, here Gabe Rivera and Memeorandum

Here’s some very cool non-Microsoft news that I’m proud to announce (I am the first site to report this news).I’m on the phone with Gabe Rivera, emperor of Memeorandum. He is, at this very moment, turning on major new versions of Memorandum Tech and Memorandum Politics/News. He has more details on his blog.

This is VERY exciting. .


Memeorandum chews through thousands of blogs in minutes and tells you what’s important. It does this every few minutes. It is dramatically faster than I could ever be. It’s all machine based. No humans involved. OK, that sounds cool, but there’s some limitations. First, his system today does only follows two communities: tech bloggers and political bloggers.


This is a HUGE thing to me. If you are a busy executive and only have five minutes a day to see what the blogs are saying, this is THE PLACE to come to every day. Watch it over the next week and see how good it is..

He’s also candid about the competition. Here’s what he says about the new Apple iPod Nano,

“It is damn awesome. My hat is off to Apple. They do nice work. Straight up.”