Rumor Mill – Have You Heard of One Two Punch?

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

What’s the big secret?

It all started several months ago. Scott, Dan, Dave, Sheila and Herb were in the conference room and I overheard them talking about something called One Two Punch. And no – I wasn’t eavesdropping – my office just happens to be located near the conference room.

Anyway, Scott seemed pretty excited and that made me curious. Is a team-building exercise on the horizon? No – it couldn’t be. I couldn’t imagine 20 cerebral search engine marketers dropping their keyboards for boxing gloves… talk about viral link bait!

In the weeks and months that followed the chatter about One Two Punch continued… but no one will spill the beans. I asked Lauren if she had any idea what One Two Punch was and she surmised it to be a new sugary drink for kids, and then she asked for a glass! I asked Jared and he responded, “The first rule of One Two Punch is that you do not talk about One Two Punch.” No help there.

I continued my sleuthing without much luck and then this morning, out of the blue, I received an email from “” The following graphic was attached with no note or subject line. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW WHAT ONE TWO PUNCH IS?