Roundup Sept 23

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

If Hurricane Rita seems like a rerun of a movie you didn’t like the first time around, we’ve learned some important lessons from Katrina. Let’s hope that all those living in Galveston, Corpus Christi and Houston and everywhere in the path of Hurricane Rita survive safe and sound. As we await landfall, here are some links to keep you up-to-date.

The best way to track Rita is Storm Tracker which the Wall St Journal is offering free to all. No surprise, it’s a blog.

Enthusiast uses Google Earth to discover remains of ancient villa.

Best news of the week, Free 411 anywhere.

In England, consumer giant Unilever cut its global spending on television ads by one fifth in the past 3 years and plans further cuts. According to forecasts, conventional viewing of TV is expected to drop 50% in the next 7 years as people turn to on-demand or TIVO to suit their own schedules and to skip through ads.

Barry Diller says Ask Jeeves will Rebrand as He’ll also expand into China next year and integrate Ticketmaster and into

Forget Aspen, Microsoft and Google Millionaires are headed for Montana, the last great place.

Could you last three weeks without the Web?

You want to prune in the Fall to encourage reblooming in the Spring so Microsoft streamlines to challenge its competitors and reorganizes its business units around its three main products, Windows, Office and Xbox.

List of Blog Networks is now in version 3.

The Yahoo Search blog says Fewer Clicks, More Answers and shows how.

AOL will begin New VoIP Service Roll-Out on October 4.

Rumor is Goggle is going to announce a secure WiFi tool.

Battle of the Titans. Will AOL and MSN gang up against Google?

Opera to give away its browser in bid to boost market share. Now $39, the Norwegian firm is chasing Firefox with the help of Google.

Curious how search engines work? Check out Anatomy of a Search Engine Crawler.

Want to close deals with the right people online, check out the Virtual Handshake.

CBS now offers podcasts of 60 Minutes.

One of Old Spice’s four branded sites that invite you to mix your own video using theirs. When she’s hot, it’s sexy, when you’re hot, you stink. Keep Cool, Smell Great.