Roundup Friday, September 30

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

A normal weekend beckons with no hurricane watch, the leaves are turning, the sky is a gorgeous blue, it’s still warm, so I’m going to be outside a lot this weekend. Enjoy the beautiful weather however you want, but enjoy these links too

Will you be seeing small narrow enclosed spaces in public where it’s bring your own phone? I say bring it on Booths Silence Cell Phone Boors.

I’m happy about this. U.S. insists on keeping control of the Web and not handing it over to the U.N.

The FBI’s new outreach program Cyber-Squad is meeting with Silicon Valley defense contractors in crack-down on cyber-crime.

Another big battle over standards is brewing. On one side, the Blu-Rays with Apple, Hewlitt-Packard, Dell and Sony. On the other, the HD-DVDs with Microsoft, Intel and Toshiba. The Wall St Journal (subscription only) had the story first.

Google reportedly has inked a deal with UPN to provide access to already aired TV shows, like Everybody hates Chris.

What is Google learning from their Wifi network? Robert Scobel thinks they are mining usage patterns to build a better search engine

Is there no place where Google will not go? Now, it’s teamed up with NASA. to work on “large-scale data management, massively distributed computing, bio-info-nano convergence, and encouragement of the entrepreneurial space industry.” Google’s even building a 1 million square foot “luxury” campus at NASA‘s Ames Research Center.

All this in 7 years. On its 7th birthday, Google says its expanded web search index is 1000 times the size of its original index. That means it’s three times larger than its competitor, but they’re not counting. Index size, Google now says, is a meaningless number. Does this make any sense to you? We’re the biggest but we’re not counting?

Want collaboration using wikis? JotSpot Wiki Live – The Perfect Wiki may be the answer.

Ten reasons why word-of-mouth marketing works.

Just what is an Internet Demand Officer?

Desktop Search Goes Live from the Yahoo Search blog. It’s searching without leaving the page you’re on.

Link Neighborhoods. Jim Boykin says don’t worry about rankings. “He who is most connected in his neighborhood will have the most and best rankings across time and engines.

Who is the best statesman in the technology world, Yahoo or Microsoft? Dave Winer expounds.

PR folks see blogs as powerful and dangerous. Eight out of ten PR professionals believe that businesses could benefit from setting up their own blogs. At the same time six out of ten believe that a disgruntled employee or dissatisfied customer could use a blog to damage a company’s reputation. So says the Blog Relations PR Study, August 2005.

Lots about blogs. Blogs increase the Bling Bling. A Hospital’s CEO Blogs, its employees applaud. Even Search Engines Blog.

For great fun, kick back and take five with Begin the Beguine, the Screen by Susan Crawford via Dave Weinberger. Music by Artie Shaw, flash by Nicholas Kaye.