Reviewing Mobile PPC Data – PPC Tuesday



With the increasing popularity of tablets and the huge number of consumers now using smart phones, Mobile PPC advertising is becoming an increasingly important part of PPC Campaigns. Today we’ll go over how to look at your campaign data to determine if customers are accessing your PPC ads via mobile devices.

By default, when you set up a new PPC campaign in Adwords, it is automatically set to display on all devices with full browser capability, including computers, smart phones, and tablets. If you want to only target a particular device, you need to change the default device settings in the Settings tab for the new campaign.

To chose the specific devices you’d like to have your PPC ads display on, go to the settings tab, and scroll down to “Networks and Devices.” You’ll see that “Devices” is set by default to “All Available Devices.” In order to make changes, select the “Let Me Choose” radio button. You can then specify “Desktop and Laptop Computers” and/or “iPhones and Other Mobile Devices.” If you’d like more control over the devices, you can select the plus box below. From this menu, you’re able to specify what type of mobile devices you’d like to target as well as which mobile carriers you’d like to target.

Since many retailers accept the default settings that Google has in place when they create a new campaign, there is a good chance that you have significant data on whether or not users are accessing your PPC ads currently on mobile devices just waiting to be reviewed.

In order to see your data segmented by device, select the campaign that you would like to see data for. Below the secondary tab menu, select the “Segment” dropdown menu. There’s some very informative data segmentation options in this menu, and it’s a great idea to explore several of them, but for today, we’ll stick to the “Device” option.

Select device, and choose a date range that you would like to see data for. You’re also able to use the “Columns” dropdown to determine which statistics you’d like to see.

Once you’ve selected your date range and the data set that you’d like to see, you’re able to review your data segmented by Computers and by Mobile Devices by Ad group.

If you have conversion and revenue tracking enabled for your account, you’ll be able to see if your campaigns are producing sales from mobile devices. We have found it very illuminating to see that for several retailers, conversion rate and click through rate is higher for mobile devices than computers. In order to react to that data, we have built out several mobile only campaigns for those retailers. In other cases, we’ve found click through rates to be high, but conversion rates to be lower. In that situation, we’ve been able to use this data to choose not to target all devices so that our clients are not paying for clicks that aren’t producing conversions.

Additionally, with the recent introduction of “Click To Call’ phone extensions from google, we have other new options to target mobile device users even if the retailer does not have a mobile site.

Mobile has great potential, and is something that we all have to look into- the good news is, more than likely you already have the data you need to make smart decisions about mobile waiting for you in your account.