Quick Tip Post: Yahoo Directory – Worth the $300?

By Scott

One question we get all the time is whether it is worth it to pay $300 to submit a website into the Yahoo Directory. I was recently asked this question on the Yahoo Store forums. Here’s what I think…

The answer is that it depends. If you have a very small e-commerce store, for example, with little margin for error in your marketing decisions, the $300 is not worth it. Chances are you won’t see a measurable impact in sales from the listing (even in terms of possible search engine ranking improvements).

If your online store or business website does enough business to allow some discretionary spending in marketing activities that don’t have to provide immediate or measurable impact, I would pay the $300. It’s just a good link. I would pay $25/month for a highly valued link. In this case, you are just paying that upfront.

Google has several trusted sources such as Yahoo! Directory and DMOZ (The Open Directory Project). Since these directories are edited by human editors, the descriptions, and more importantly, the keywords used in these descriptions, help Google decide what the relevant keywords are to your business. Of course, that has the potential to impact your rankings.