Quick Money Maker- Brand Terms – PPC Tuesday


Today I’d like to talk about advertising on your trademark or brand terms. This is a low cost, high conversion area that many retailers overlook.

Many retailers neglect to advertise on brand terms. Some overlook this opportunity, and others figure that if they are placed first naturally, there is no reason to pay additional money for clicks on these terms.

In my experience, I’ve found that even if you are the top naturally placed site for your brand terms, it still makes sense to advertise on these terms. Here are a few reasons why:

First- Online shoppers vary in the way that they shop. Some shoppers are just naturally more inclined to click on an ad than on a natural listing, just as some shoppers will only click on natural listings. It makes good sense to make sure that your site is represented in both areas.

Second- The price per click for brand keywords is generally very very low. Your site will always be the most relevant result for your brand term, so Google will usually determine your cost per click at just a few cents.

Third- Conversion rate on these terms is significantly higher than other terms. Generally if someone is looking for your site specifically by name, they are ready to buy something from you. These are very qualified buyers. Overall, in the month of January, my top five clients had an average conversion rate of 6.75% on their brand name campaigns.

In addition to the three main reasons that we’ve already discussed, there are other benefits to bidding on your brand terms. When you bid on your brand terms, you will, more often than not, be placed in the number one position for pay per click ads. In this spot, your ad can utilize sitelinks, and send already well qualified traffic to exactly the page they are looking for.

Also, often times your competitors will be advertising on your brand terms as well. It’s good to make sure that your official site is represented among the competitors.

Finally, often times shoppers are reassured when they see your site represented in both the paid and natural search areas. Being represented in both areas creates a perception of reliability and credibility for your site.

When you set up your branded campaign, set it up as a campaign separate from other keyword targeted campaigns. This way you’ll be able to get an accurate picture of what you should budget for this campaign, and also the exact return that it is producing for you.

When you create your keyword list, select your site name, and then all the different combinations of words that someone might use to find your site, as shown in the table above. It is also good to create ad groups for popular areas of your site with your brand term and those site areas as qualifiers. For example, in the above table the site is a Gardening Products site, and one keyword suggested is “MySiteName Flowers”- that keyword and others like it can go directly to a flower related page. This helps your qualified shoppers get to exactly the page they need to in order to convert.