Promotions Should Be Celebrated – Wildcard Friday

By Nik


What does is mean to “celebrate” your promotions and why is it necessary? Well, with many things in the online world, its good sometimes to peek over your monitor and take a look at the real world – or better yet, step into a mall and see it. Because as business owners, we often get so caught up in the real-time demand that we can meet, that we forget that we can “push” demand through marketing just as easily as we work to “pull” in demand. But in the real world, that’s the real money-making tactic.

Gap is one of many major clothing chains in the world, but in the end, it still does have a somewhat refined target audience. Even then, just being there as an outlet for its target audience isn’t enough; it needs to keep those visitors excited and coming back for something new and stimulating. Enter promotions! Gap tries to get you from the moment you walk near their store using big, eye catching, saturated messaging that is visible from all angles that can even peer in the direction of the store. But they don’t just stop there.

I’m enlisting the help of some celebrity musicians to get the 4 essential promotion celebration steps into focus.

  1. Miss Bette Midler’s song title “From a Distance” is what we just covered. Even from a distance, you’re able to get sucked in the promotion that Gap is running and they make sure you feel like there’s something special going on inside the store.
  2. Daughtry challenges business owners to think about what’s going on “On the Inside”. Inside the Gap, a visitor is inundated with celebratory banners and signs that are being gaudy and in-your-face and it’s exactly the type of stimulus a shopper is looking for to create that neurological reaction that “yes, I’m participating in a sale right now”.
  3. Joni Mitchell reminds us of the power of “Conversation”. On the morning of a large promotion, good store managers call their employees to come in early to get pumped; some coffee, donuts and a brief presentation of what products they should highlight today and what they should all be saying in a united voice to customers in order to represent the promotion in the strongest way possible.
  4. Finally, the rapper Sway gives us the final push for revenue that we need: a focus on tying our promotions to our “Products”. A shirt in gap that is not marked with some sort of loud, prominent sticker, tag or SALE bucket presence is easily dismissed by a customer whose sale-hunting instincts have been awakened by elements of their strong promotion.

So how can you do the same for your online store? Easy.

  1. From a distance, you want to capture people’s attention from e-mail blasts, promotional messages in your PPC ads and banner ads. To utilize another song reference, “be aggressive, be be aggressive”. If you don’t make it sound like people are missing out on something, you shouldn’t expect them to act that way. Make sure you justify their click as soon as they finally do enter your site from the outside to the inside.
  2. On the inside, you want to knock a visitor off their chair with how lucky they are to have followed through on entering your site through this amazing promotion. With a strong promotion, they’ll be anxiously searching to find something that they relatively like well enough to take advantage of this amazing offer. Continue to be in-your-face from the homepage, through the category and product pages, all the way to the shopping cart.
  3. Don’t miss any opportunity to turn a conversation into a push for your promotion. If a visitor is reading content on any page of your site, they should be reminded that they need to act now to get the best deal possible.
  4. Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to tie your promotions to your products by merchandising this new value-add: a timely discount. Visitors should feel like they will be holding the gold trophy from some race they just won – you need to take the opportunity to gild each and every qualifying product in gold.

Now you’re celebrating your promotion.

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Have a wonderful Wildcard Friday and a great weekend.