Product Page SEO – SEO Monday

By Tim


Within the ecommerce world, there’s an issue that seems to effect a large number of businesses…regardless of industry. That issue, is poor search engine visibility at the product page level.

So why is SEO important to take advantage of on the product page level?

Product Pages:

  1. Can Produce High Conversion Rates: Product page traffic direct from a search engine can represent the opportunity to convert at a high rate. Since the search queries are typically very specific in nature, the visitors demand is being addressed more accurately and immediately
  2. Increase Overall Visibility & Sales: With many ecommerce websites, product pages represent the bulk of their site pages. So the more pages you can become visible for in the search engines, the more qualified traffic you’ll receive and ultimately the more sales you’ll get.

    Increase the Overall Strength of the Site: As product pages begin to build an authority of their own, your entire site benefits…as you can leverage these pages toward improving the performance of other areas of your site.

Now that we know why product pages are so important…here’s a good checklist on how to go about optimizing them.

  1. Optimize key on page factors: More specifically, make sure you’ve identified the appropriate keyword or keywords to target – and having done so – make sure that they’re present within the title tag, meta description, body content etc.
  2. Unique Content – Not Manufacturer’s Content: One of the most important steps you can take toward gaining visibility for a specific product page, is to replace manufacturer’s descriptions with unique content written for the specific product, either by you – or someone working for you. If you have manufacturers content site wide, prioritize your efforts by starting with the products most important to you from a revenue standpoint.
  3. Internal Deep Links: Often times, product pages are not visible in search engine results due to their being buried too deep in your site. In order to pass some authoritative link juice to these pages, link to the product pages you’re trying to rank for from pages of your site with good PageRank. When linking to this products, make sure to use the proper keyword anchor text.
  4. External Keyword Rich Links: Acquiring keyword rich anchor text links pointing to your product pages can go a long way toward ranking improvement. Long tail keywords usually associated with product pages are typically less competitive than general keywords. Having external links to build popularity for these pages represent a distinct advantage over your competition.
  5. Alt Text: Utilize your identified keywords within the alt text of your product images.
  6. SEO friendly reviews: Having reviews on your product pages can help with SEO as long as the review system you’re using is SEO friendly.

That’s it for today, I hope this video helps you out with your product page SEO efforts.

If you’re looking for help to improve the performance of your product pages, or if you’d like to see how your SEO in general can perform better, give us a call and schedule a free SEO audit at 1800-504-4324.

Thanks again for watching, and enjoy the rest of your day.