PPC Tuesdays – The Positives About Negatives

By Kevin


Today’s date is Tuesday September 28th. My name is Kevin and I will be your presenter for today’s topic, The Positives about Negatives.

While the word “Negative” may instill a bad feeling in your stomach, in PPC negative keywords can be an ally in your PPC campaigns and ad groups to refine your target audience and messaging in a “Positive” manner.

In utilizing Negative keywords within your PPC account you are able to cut costs by eliminating your ads being triggered for irrelevant searches being performed. This affects mainly broad matched keywords but by utilizing Search Query reports you may find even phrase matched keywords could be triggering searches that are reaching people not in your target audience.

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There are two ways that you can incorporate negative keywords. The first would be at the campaign level and the second being at the ad group level.

On the campaign level you can utilize negative keywords to prevent your ads from showing for searched that do not directly relate to your core audience. For example, if you sold stainless steel jewelry you would not want your ads to be triggered by someone searching for gold jewelry. By setting up Gold as a broad matched negative you are able to prevent your entire campaign from triggering ads for searches looking for gold jewelry. This will also save you money because you will now keep away unwanted clicks for gold jewelry.

Negative keywords can also be utilized on the ad group level to ensure that the right message is reaching the user. Let’s stick with our stainless steel jewelry campaign. Within the campaign we have an ad group for bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. To make sure that the bracelet ad is triggered only for bracelet keywords you will want to create ad group level negatives for the terms necklaces and anklets. You will then create negatives for the other ad groups using this approach. This will allow the proper ad to be triggered with highly relevant messaging. Not only will this hopefully increase your click thru rate, but by driving the user to the best landing page, you can also be positioned to complete a sale.

It is also worth noting that negative keywords can be set at broad, phrase, and exact match. This can allow you to control the amount of traffic that you choose to let through the door. One example of this would be if you sell sports team t-shirts but you often find that your ads are being triggered for “t-shirts”. By setting up t-shirts as an exact negative you will prevent your ads showing for that search term but still allow your ads to show for sports team t shirts.

We have recently seen an increase in competition and price for broad and general keywords. We have always created campaigns and ad groups that contain a healthy mix of general terms and long-tailed keywords so that we are able to capture searches in all phases of the buying process. You cannot abandon broad keywords in total because many people use these terms to begin the sales cycle.

By utilizing Search Query reports in the Reporting tab on a monthly basis you can view exactly how people are finding you through actual search queries. If you find that some of these search queries are irrelevant and costly you can then create that term as a negative keyword. By performing this exercise on a routine basis you will put yourself in a position to drive the right traffic in and keep the wrong traffic out.

That is going to conclude today’s Daily Concepts. I hope that you enjoyed today’s topic and that you can put it to use in your own campaign.

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