PPC Tuesday – Using Longtail Terms for the Holidays



Welcome to PPC Tuesday. I’m Sarah, and I’m a PPC Specialist here at Exclusive Concepts. On today’s PPC Tuesday, we’re going to look at how to drive customers directly to the products they are interested in buying this holiday season using long tailed terms and focused landing pages.

Using Longtail terms is a great way to qualify the traffic clicking on your ads. A long tail term is a very specific keyword term that usually just refers to one product or one small group of products. When you focus very specifically in your keyword and ad on a longtailterm, chances are good that the consumer that clicks on your ad is going to be motivated to purchase the item. In today’s example, we’ll be looking at a Health & Beauty retailer that is looking to up holiday purchases.

This seller has a great stock of popular print design hairdryers that they’d like to target for holiday purchases. The first step is to look at the current ad groups and identify longtail terms. In this example, the general terms might include Hair Dryer and Blow Dryer, and a more specific term might be “Remington Hair Dryer,” but this retailer is looking for the customers who know what they want and are ready to buy, so they can go even more specific to the longtail “Remington Leopard Print Hairdryer” term.

Once you’ve identified your target term, its time to create an ad group and ads just for this term. Its helpful to use the Google Keyword tool to identify other combinations of terms that target your specific product. Using the model number or manufacturer specific product line name is smart in this area. Once you’ve created the ad group, create ads that are specific to the product you are targeting. Since you are targeting a very small area, it makes sense to use this to your advantage in the ad. Let the consumer know that you are offering the very product that they are looking for. Use the keyword in the ad, call out any value adds (such as “in stock, free shipping, ships fast”), and make sure that you use the display URL to reinforce the message that your store has exactly what the buyer is looking for.

Finally, we need to make sure that the consumer is sent to the most appropriate landing page for their interest. In this way, we’re putting together a highly qualified buyer with the product that they are most likely to buy based on the search. Nothing is ever guaranteed but by qualifying your traffic in this way, the user is much more likely to be ready to purchase. Help the customer with a landing page that goes directly to the product purchase page for the product they are interested in. The fewer clicks a customer needs to make in order to get to the decision point in the buying process, the more likely they are to complete a purchase.

Using this PPC method, you’re able to put a qualified buyer together with the product that they are most interested in. This method cuts down on the clicks you pay for when buyers are not sure what they are interested in and are “just looking” and helps you capitalize on the motivated holiday shopper.