PPC Tuesday – Using Google Services to Boost Your PPC

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If you have not updated your ads in recent months, then it’s time to take a look at how competitive your advertising is. Through ad extensions, which has been covered here before, you can now integrate other Google services to enhance your advertising. This is beneficial, allowing you to better qualify those who click on your ads.

As online advertising continues to grow, and begins to mature into a transparent and measurable advertising means, it is getting more competitive. Budgets are growing to compensate for the landscape becoming more competitive. Clicks that cost only $0.15 a year ago can now be as high as $0.75 with all else being equal.

As the click prices rise, a greater investment is required upfront, and with that, the advertising needs to perform at a higher level. It is not as feasible to test unconditionally without a result.

At the same time, the nature of search is shifting to include more well rounded results. Instead of the most relevant webpages being served, there is now a range of content, including pages, images, video, shopping, tweets, and map results.

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This integration has changed the expectations of searches. Instead of hoping to find the best site out there to answer the search, now the answers are found directly on the results page.

Also, by serving content from different sources, conclusions can be drawn on the best content to show based upon the search terms.

This has caused Google to extend the integrated results to the advertising. Instead of just a headline, some text, and a URL; ads now show additional content culled from other services, including Google Places & Google Merchant Center.

Google Places is an important, free service for any business with a physical location, or even those that without a location that serve an off-line market. Google Places allows business owners to control their listing in the maps, including multiple locations as well as create a profile page that can aggregate information about your business, including hours, and images.

Business owners that advertise, can link their Google places account with their AdWords, allowing specific addresses to show up based upon where the search is being conducted.For instance if you had stores in San Diego, Los Angeles, & San Francisco you can have a campaign target California and linked to your Places account ensuring that the most relevant address will be displayed based upon the searchers location.

Two other pieces of contact information that can be independently linked through AdWords are different links in addition to the primary landing page, and a phone number, for mobile click-to-call ad experiences.

One of the most important Google services for online stores is Google shopping. This free service delivers high-qualified traffic to specific product pages, based upon feeds that are submitted. Google also actively indexes ratings and reviews from different comparison engines to the point where they are aggregated and presented on a page that resembles a merchant profile. To manage ones feeds and align different reviews, Google offers their Merchant Services. Within this service is a setting to integrate with AdWords (requiring the AdWords Customer ID).

Once the link is established on that side, you can log into adwords and link a merchant account with a campaign. If a store has different merchant accounts, they can be linked to specific campaigns (though each campaign can only be linked to one merchant account). This first produced Google Product Extensions, which displayed a link below the ads that can be expanded to show a selection products, including their images and prices. This went a long way towards qualifying traffic, eliminating sticker shock.

More recently, Google has started showing reviews and ratings, once a small threshold was met (25 reviews with an average rating of 80%). This is a huge step to build immediate trust early on in the buying process. If your prospective customers can instantly get an impression of how you do business, you can set yourself apart from the competition by building up a stellar reputation.

Google’s ads reflect the changes seen through out search and will only continue to integrate additional data points. This will continue to better qualify your traffic, and make your advertising more effective in the long run. At the same time this will raise the cost of delivery. Overall the advertising is becoming more valuable.

I hope this video has been helpful!

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