PPC Tuesday – Transfer Yahoo! Accounts to adCenter



Today I am going to talk about a timely event, the Yahoo transition.

While Yahoo ads are not being run through adCenter yet, there is now the opportunity to begin this process and get everything in order through your Yahoo account.

This will leave you in a strong position for when the switch is flipped. So far, all reports point to mid-October of being the go live date.

So lets jump right into it.

Now when you log into Yahoo, there is a new tab that is the default screen.

This screen will help you move your entire build to MSN, or setup the Account shell.

There are also additional resources including guides and help centers.

If you already have an adCenter account and don’t want it to be linked to this Yahoo account, you will want to choose the Download Campaign option on the right, then log in to adCenter and upload your campaigns through their UI.

For the purpose of this video we are going to go through the process of transitioning the entire account.

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Once you click the button to transition, you will be asked to link to an existing account or to create a new adCenter Account.

If you need to create a new account,then fill out all of the information, and follow the steps until you login to your adcenter account and then presented with the following screen. This is to confirm that the correct accounts are being linked, and it also allows use to opt in to Canada as well as set the date.

You will then be asked to confirm the previous screen settings. On this page there is an important link in the middle of the page.It points to a 24 page pdf outlining the compatibility between the two systems.It can be found at this link on the screen. This will be an important reference as you move forward and I would suggest you download it to diagnosis any issues that may arise after the new ads are running.

Once you confirm the accounts are linked Yahoo & MSN will take care of the rest. They state that it will take a few days, depending on the size of your account. Once the transition is complete, an email will be generated to notify you.

You can return to your MSN tab when you are logged into your Yahoo! account and review the progress along the status bar across the bottom of the page.

Once ads are running in adCenter and the transition is complete, you will be targeting both engines. So far there is no way to control targeting between the different networks.

I hope this video has been helpful!

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