PPC Tuesday – Tis the Season

By Kevin


So over the weekend I was walking through my local mall looking at Halloween costumes.

As I was leaving the store I was confronted by Christmas decorations in the mall. It seems that the brick and mortar scene is forcing the holiday season on us even earlier this year.

But, it does warrant some thought for online retailers this early in the fall season. We have already been discussing the holidays with our clients at Exclusive Concepts and I thought it would be worth mentioning one of the most important topics to consider for your PPC account.

One of the most important factors that a PPC advertiser must consider is their daily budgets. For most of the year it can be pretty consistent. There may be a few tweaks when businesses enter their down season but that can vary depending on the market.

But as the holidays grow near online retailers must recognize the increase in traffic and the potential to capture that traffic. By bringing in more qualified traffic you will hopefully see more sales through paid search.

While there is no set number to increase one’s budget there are a few things to consider.

First, online retailers must realize that your daily budgets will need to be increased in order to appear in as many search results as possible. As many may know, based upon the ad settings for your campaigns AdWords will parse out your ads throughout the day based upon your budget so that you are able to show your ads evenly over the courseof the day. If you do not increase your budget to match the rise in searches then you will be showing for less results. So by increasing your daily budgets you will ensure that your ads show more consistently throughout the day.

The other piece to this puzzle that mustn’t be overlooked is your competition. With the increased traffic there will certainly be an increase in competition. This may mean that some new competitors pop up to advertise for the holidays or your main competitors may begin to bid more aggressively to jockey for higher positions. To combat this issue one must pay close attention to the average positions of your keywords. While watching your keywords you will be able to adjust your bids for important converting keywords as the traffic increases and competition stiffens.

Giving these budget factors some thought now will ensure that you are ready before the holidays even start.

It does take some time to sit down and determine what your marketing budget will allow for the season. At Exclusive Concepts we work with our clients to assist them with this decision. We also monitor the average positions for keywords and adjust bids to ensure that we gain the optimal visibility for consumers to find us.

There are a lot more factors to consider for the upcoming holidays so stay tuned here at Your Daily Concept for more PPC tips for success!

For more insight on holiday strategy be sure to check out Scott’s practical eCommerce article that was recently published. You can find it right here on our blog!