PPC Tuesday – Tis' the Season – Holiday Re-Marketing Ads

By Kevin
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As many who follow our blog know, Remarketing has become an extremely useful marketing channel for reconnecting with past visitors of your website.

Remarketing allows you to place a snippet of code on a particular page of your site. When a customer visits this page AdWords places a cookie on their browser.

Now when that person leaves your site and surfs the web if they go to a website that is within the Google Display network your ad can be triggered by that cookie. The Google Display network is far reaching with about 80% of the web within it’s network.

You can find more detailed posts about Remarketing in our Your Daily Concept blog.

So now that we have our Remarketing ads up and running we are all set, right? Well, it’s really just the beginning. With any paid search campaign you should consider the impact of the holiday season.

At Exclusive Concepts we strongly advise our clients to take advantage of the image ad format for Remarketing campaigns. Image ads allow you to stand out from the text on any of the sites that your ad may show on within the Display Network.

We have already begun to work with our clients to create holiday themed image ads for their Remarketing ads.

The reason why I feel that this is important enough to have a post about Remarketing for the holidays is because of the unique opportunity that it provides for ecommerce owners.

Remarketing code by default will last for 30 days but you are able to lengthen or shorten the time period when initially setting up the code.

If you have remarketing code on your website now you will be adding to your remarketing list as people visit your page. You now have the potential of capturing the holiday shopping early birds with site offers unique to your Remarketing campaign. Since you control what pages you place your code on you also have that same control with your ad’s messaging.

So if you sell electronics and you have a Blu-Ray player category page, you can create a Remarketing audience for that page. This opportunity is truly unique to advertisers that use Remarketing. These shoppers have already qualified themselves by visiting your site and showing interest in Blu-Ray players.

You can now create a Remarketing ad that offers a unique value add to those shoppers within that Blu-Ray Remarketing Audience. This will offer will hopefully entice the shopper to take advantage of your offer, click your ad, come back to the product they originally showed interest in, and make a purchase.

We all know that more and more holiday shopping is done online. If you are like myself and many others, chances are you have already been putting some thought into your list this year. More importantly, you have already been browsing the web for ideas.

If you are taking advantage of Remarketing on your site than you are already building up a highly qualified audience going into the holiday season.

Now more than ever, people are much more price conscious and always looking for a better deal.

By utilizing Remarketing you are allowing yourself to reengage qualified shoppers from the research phase of the buying cycle all the way through the completion of a sale.

Take some time to think of your customer base and come up with offers that will help persuade them to come back to your site and complete their purchase for the holidays.