PPC Tuesday – The Holiday Pre-Season

By Kevin


Hello and welcome again to another episode of Your Daily Concept, Get Smarter Every Day. Today is PPC Tuesday.

Today is the last day of August, Tuesday, August 31st 2010

My name is Kevin and I will be presenting today’s topic which will be The Holiday Pre-Season.

We here at Exclusive Concepts have already begun to prep our clients for the upcoming Holiday season and the increased traffic, competition, and business that comes with it.

But as we look ahead we should keep in mind that there are other Holidays coming up that can provide your business with a sales boost as well as provide a testing ground for the “Big One”. So today I thought I would offer some helpful hints for the Pre-Season Holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving that can be carried over into the primetime.

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The first holiday hint is to take some time and freshen up your ad copy. Take advantage of the season and work some holiday themed ad copy into your text. This will allow you to stand out from your competitors and engage the searcher on a personal level.

While your testing some new ad copy, why not try a special holiday offer? This can be a percentage off or a free shipping offer with a fun holiday coupon code.

One last tip for your ads is to make sure that you have taken full advantage of your ad extensions within your AdWord’s campaigns. Product Extensions, Site Links and all of the other ad extensions weren’t available last year so ensure that you are giving yourself a “turkey” leg up on your competition this season.

You will also want to make sure that you are aggressively bidding for the first page and that your budgets allow for you to do so. Halloween and Thanksgiving gives you the benefit of seeing how not only your customers react but also your competition. If you notice that your competitors are making adjustments now you can be assured that they will be doing the same come December.

Lastly, update your site with a holiday theme. If you have a mascot why not find a clever way to get them decked out for the holidays. Not only does this carryover the messaging of your text ad but returning customers will remain engaged with the site because you are keeping things fresh! One side note on holiday themes that I will make is to ensure that you never lose the site’s overall messaging and the main goal of driving sales.

Those are just a few helpful holiday hints for your pay per click campaigns. Remember, Halloween and Thanksgiving allows you to experiment and test your ad copy, landing pages, seasonal sales, and measure how your customers respond to your site during these holidays.

You can then take these lessons learned and ensure that you are in the best shape for the Big Game in December and have a happy holiday season yourself!

That’s going to wrap up today’s PPC Tuesday. If you are looking to grow your revenue through your pay per click campaigns why not give us a call. We offer Profitable PPC as a service to our clients.

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