PPC Tuesday – Superbowl PPC Strategy

By Profitable PPC Team


Well folks it’s that time of the year again. The time when we sit down and see the best performers battle it out for the year’s top prize. Whether Doritos can top the child defending his mother and Doritos, to see what Betty White will be up to this year, or to see what crazy scenarios the Old Spice guy presents.

Oh wait there is a football game? I was thinking of something else.

The hype and anticipation surrounding the Super Bowl each year isn’t just for the big game (although in the Northeast there is most likely more excitement than in other parts of the country.) It is also for the commercials that play during the event. According to Nielsen, 51% of people enjoy watching the Super Bowl ads more than the game itself. Advertisers have an increasing pressure to not only provide memorable and innovative commercials, but also to find new ways to connect with the consumer outside of the television platform, even after the game is over.

The information in the chart here provided by Kantar Media proves this to be the trend. According to this Super Bowl ads are revealing a growing preference for 60 second commercials. As a result the total amount of time that ads play throughout the course of the game has increased. As a result less spots are available in which to advertise, which has further driven up the costs to over the $200 million dollar mark in the past 3 years.

This coupled with the rising use of social media and mobile devices throughout the game in the form of Facebook status update and Twitter posts has resulted in more of an opportunity to come up with a PPC strategy to capture some of this demand.

Some ideas therefore for how to advertise your brand during this highly visible time:

  1. Come up with a Mobile PPC campaign. Mobile continues to be one of the fastest growing and most popular media channels. Creating campaigns for non-branded and branded keywords related to your competitors Super Bowl ads targeted to Droid, iPhone and iPad/Kindle devices are a good way to increase your visibility while minimizing your spend.
  2. The second step would be to explore the use of serving your ads on multiple options, be it a sponsored ad on YouTube or Tweet on Twitter. These can be instances in which you can bring in the most amount of traffic due to the millions of dollars spent by competitors to in essence get your name out there in association with their brand.
  3. The third step is to come up with a “game plan” if you will to exclude your name from searches from your competitor as well as include it. A great example of this is the Home Away Test Baby ad from a couple years ago and last years Groupon disaster. In both these cases, having a negative keyword strategy in place to not show up for these searches is something to keep in mind.
  4. Lastly as quickly as you turned on these campaigns, don’t let it run no longer than 1-2 days after the big game. This is a very short window of opportunity in which to gauge performance. It’s best to allocate funds you set aside from this campaign to allocate to your branded and non-branded campaigns to build up the awareness of your brand and capture as many clicks and conversions as possible from those searching for your competitors ads. This could be something if planned and executed correctly that will result in pennies being spent by you compared to the millions spent by your competitors to in essence get the same result.