PPC Tuesday – Super Bowl PPC Strategy Follow Up

By Profitable PPC Team


Well another Patriots/Giants Superbowl has passed us by and sadly enough Eli Manning once again got to go to Disney World while Tom Brady again got to go to the Caribbean and sail down water slides with Giselle. The most watched television event in history according to The Nielsen Company, 111.3 million tuned in on February 5th for the big game and the commercials associated with it which cost an average of $3.5 million for one 30 second spot. This represents the 7th straight year of increases in TV audiences and commercial rates for this annual spectacle that decides the Champion of The National Football League.

One thing of interest to note as it relates to the viewership of this years event was also the rise in use of searches on Superbowl related themes, particularly through the use of mobile devices.

While Desktop searches were up 200% compared to last year, the real rise in searches came from the use of mobile devices, with iPad and Tablet searches up close to 1,000% and with the rise in use of smartphones using 3G and now even faster 4G technology seeing an increase in searches of 2,700%.

The Info graphic provided by PPC Tipster also shows the rise in use of mobile devices during the game, as searches for terms related to Superbowl commercials rose from 25% before the game to 41% during the contest. Desktop searches saw a decline in relation to this falling from 75% pre-game to 59% after kickoff.

The one thing I mentioned as it related to ideas for a successful PPC Super Bowl strategy involved the use of creating mobile PPC campaigns. As this chart from Google Mobile Ads blog will show, this shows the trend of increasing multi-tasking on small mobile screens compared to watching the game on the big screen. To no one’s surprise here Madonna saw a huge spike in searches in both smartphones and tablets as did Clint Eastwood during his “Halftime in America Chrysler” spot which saw searches on his name jump up nearly 5500% in the second half of the game. Unfortunately I guess I’m getting older and the general audience is too young now to remember who Ferris Bueller was.

The other thing I mentioned from my PPC Tuesday video on January 31st was to explore different ad serving options, platforms and promotions. I mentioned this due to the fact that it could be an opportunity to get your ads to show on videos showing Super Bowl commercials on YouTube. Another piece of the PPC Tipster info graphic shows that for the top 5 ad teasers aired prior to the Super Bowl generated 30 Million views on YouTube. Have a sponsored ad for your product show up on these videos would be a great way to increase your brand awareness and generate revenue at a small fraction of the cost it took to air these commercials on Super Bowl Sunday.

If anything has taught us the past couple years with the rising use of social media and the increase of smartphone and tablet users it is that this is a trend that is most likely to continue in future games to come.