PPC Tuesday – Staying Successful in Shifting PPC Landscape



This week’s video is going to highlight an article that I published last week on the blog. It discusses the change environment in search, and what it means to merchants advertising.
If this is something that you have been wondering about as you look out to the 2010 Holiday Season, be sure to go to the address at the top of the screen and give it a read. We are also interested in your feedback if you have any insight to provide.

So why did we write the article? We recognized a unique time in search advertising development, that left a lot of questions for merchants. With the introduction of Google Instant, as well as the alliance between Yahoo & MSN’s Bing, seismic shifts were happening in the landscape that many stores had been built upon.

Taking into account these changes being rolled out so close to the holidays, retailers could not measure their impact to see if their store was ‘quake-proof.

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Instead of waiting to see how the advertising shifted consumer behavior and impacted the holidays, we chose to be proactive, answer the questions you are asking, report on what we have noticed and how businesses can adapt before the sales go into high gear.

There are two questions we address in the article. They are:

What does the Yahoo/MSN transition mean for eCommerce & What is the effect of Google Instant.
While the transition has not been completed yet, we have details of how the targeting will unfold, and what you can do to position yourself.
Google Instant has gone into effect, and despite the cries otherwise, will not go anywhere. The article looks at what effect it could have on long tail targeting and the competitiveness of Google’s PPC.

The driving point of the article is that you have to look beyond your PPC efforts to strengthen its effectiveness.
This position comes from recognizing an effort to move advertising towards less qualified traffic, making the targeting more competitive. Therefore we recognize different areas in your store that can be improved to compete more strongly (and nicely fit into an alliteration!).

These areas we suggest you take a look at, include:
Site Navigation, Syndicating your products, Selection of goods, Sale prices & promotions, Servicing your clients, and Social presence.
The biggest aim for 2010 is to install trust. By competing in a wider field, past customers play a crucial role in closing the future customers.
To learn more, visit ExclusiveConcepts.com/Blog today and read the article, and like I mentioned earlier, I look forward to getting your feedback!

I hope this video has been helpful!
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