PPC Tuesday – PPC Over the Holidays

By Profitable PPC Team


Today, I will be discussing PPC for the upcoming holiday season and the impact it has played thus far on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’ll also present some suggestions for how to build up your campaigns in anticipation of Green Monday and the remainder of the holiday season.

It’s that Ho-Ho-Holiday Season! With most retailers this past Black Friday season opening up as early as midnight to meet the rush, 2011 saw a record year in Black Friday sales over the weekend.

According to the National Retail Foundation a record $52.4 billion dollars was spent on the Post-Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend, up 16% from the same time period last year. This came as people were preparing for upcoming online deals to be taking place on Cyber Monday.

How did this translate then to Cyber Monday? With the rising popularity of Cyber Monday promotions to accompany Black Friday deals, ecommerce sites saw an opportunity to make more of a return using various online promotions. The result, according to Performics was a 128% increase in spend leading to an 87% increase in clicks on Thanksgiving. This resulted in a 18% increase in online sales. Cyber Monday saw a 65% increase in clicks resulting in a 26% increase in sales, making it the heaviest online spending day thus far this year.

So how do we utilize PPC therefore to build upon these successes as we move forward into December?

Following these 4 steps will give you a great chance to further increase your numbers and put a positive end to your last quarter.

  1. Determine your offers: Analyze all offers out there, be it historically from what you may have offered the year before or looking at your competition to see what they are doing. Offers during the holiday season can vary by type, be it a discounted percentage off, free shipping, a combination of the two, or even a free gift with an order.
  2. Once you determine your offers, the next step is to identify your opportunities to promote your offer. With Green Monday taking place on December 12th, this is a great opportunity in which to showcase your current or promotional offer in an attempt to get a piece of this pie on this day. In this time, it’s usually best to go with quantity rather than quality, so offering an incentive to purchase can make the difference between a sale occurring or the shopper bouncing from your site.
  3. Once those promotional offers have been determined, the next plan is to research and come up with relevant keywords and targeted ad copy to attract your intended shoppers.
    • Having high search but medium to low competitive terms are ideal, but another option is to again look historically at search query reports during the same time last year to see terms that converted that may be an ideal option to use this year.
    • Once the keywords are selected, creating ad copy that is relevant to all types of holiday terms showing the incentive and having a strong call to action will help the visitor click to shop your site.
  4. The last step above all else is to make sure your landing page that the shopper clicks to is setup in a way to convert the shopper into a buyer. PPC alone will not make the difference. While it will bring people to your site, it will not guarantee a conversion. This time of year people don’t have the time or patience so you have to ensure that the page landed on is relevant, appealing and easy to use. This is important as not having that could lead to a loss in potential sales.

This is an undertaking that takes both time and money. If run correctly it will result in profitable times for your business during this holiday season. The key is to be true to your brand, think like your customer and give offers and incentives to people to visit your site. And above all else make the site experience easy, interactive and fun for the customer.

This could be the on-going trend in future holidays to come in terms of how Santa does his holiday shopping.