PPC Tuesday – PPC and Brand Awareness

By Kevin


Friends will always trust their friends and their opinions. This age old statement has begun to shape the way people use the internet and how businesses are marketing themselves online to gain customers through past customer experiences.

With the rise of the Like buttons on sites and now the Google Plus on search results, brand awareness is becoming more and more important.

People talk about brands more than 2.4 billion every day according to a recent “Word of Mouth “ study conducted by Google. This means that if a consumer has a great experience on your site they will more than likely let their friends know of your site. This can be done with the use of Like buttons and the others but it often starts with a conversation offline.

So why is this important to online retailers and more specifically PPC? Well when friends talk about their recent online experience they will mention your site by name. The next step will be for the friend to go home and do a search for you.

While you should show up on the organic side it gives you a sense of credibility and authority if you have a PPC ad present as well. The ad will allow you to highlight selection, pricing and other value adds much more clearly than your organic result may.

The next question you may have is why would I want to pay for my own site name? Well, because your keywords will naturally have a high quality score you will pay the minimum for that click. Wouldn’t you pay .20 cents if it meant you potentially receiving a large order?

Let’s not forget that your competition may be bidding on your site’s name as well. By advertising for your brand you will also assure top position should your competition try to step into your turf.

Starting up a brand campaign is easy!

You will want to create a separate campaign so that you will be able to properly manage and budget your Brand campaign.

Once the campaign is created you can begin adding keywords to your ad group. We often suggest that you use your site name with and without spaces as well as the “www”s and the “.coms”. Don’t forget those misspellings either!

Also, if you have a coupon code page you may even want to create an ad group for those terms as well. This is helpful if sites like RetailMeNot and others are taking people away from your site.

As mentioned at the beginning of our conversation be sure to utilize your site’s value adds in your ad copy. PPC ads allow you to speak directly to potential customers and let them know why they should shop at your site. Also, if competitors are showing ads you will want to separate yourself from them and make sure you get the click. After all the consumer started off by searching for you not them!

As always you will need to monitor the performance of your Brand campaign to ensure optimal performance.

By utilizing tools such as the Search Query report you are able to gain insight into how people are looking for you and your site in the search engines.

Are they looking for coupons? If they are and you do not offer them you may be losing sales to competitors. This information could prompt you to test a coupon code and see if it increases conversions.

Of course the other side of the Search Query coin allows you to see if your ad is being triggered to irrelevant searches and set-up some negatives.

In the end, having as much visibility for your site will pay off for you with a potential increase in sales. As social interaction continues to fuel search you will be putting yourself in a great position if you take these steps to secure your brand for both organic and paid search.