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Last week on PPC Tuesday, my colleague Kevin reviewed how SEO efforts & Pay Per Click plays off each other. If you missed it, be sure to go check it out.

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Today we are going to look at a feature Google recently incorporated into AdWords UI, Search Query & Content Placement reporting.

While the data isn’t new, having it available is. This is very exciting, especially for retailers who are interested in how their targeting is translated on the search & content networks, and how to manage against real world performance.

So lets jump right into it.

The premise of online advertising, both on the search engines and within the content network, is to reach the audience that is looking for our products, services, information or whatever value your site has. This is achieved by targeting searches with keywords and sites based upon their content.

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The search terms are entered by users and represent a viable market to our business. In this example we see the search terms people are entering around used cars. Some express an interest to shop, others are looking for information. If the business in this example is a used car dealer, their ad will probably triggered by these searches if they targeted these keywords.

We then adjust our advertising based upon how the keywords and sites perform, allocating resources to successes, at the expense of those that are not performing. While we can effectively manage measurable success through this, there is a disconnect between what we are targeting and what is happening on the engines, or on the individual pages on the sites in the content network. If we shut off the broad match ‘used cars’ we may miss out on relevant searches.

Google, and other engines, have made this data available through Search Query & Placement reports, which could be run as needed or scheduled for regular updates. The data could then be sifted through and insight could be gained on how our targeting is being translated. Lists of negative keywords are created, new keywords are added and match types are adjusted to further refine the targeting.

Now, Google has made this process much easier by bringing a direct link to the Search Query & Placement reports into the Keywords & Networks tabs respectively. Google has done quite a bit by bringing this valuable information to the forefront.

When we click on the button that says “See Search Terms” we stay in the tab and see all the relevant search queries that were triggered by our keywords, and how they each performed. This includes, clicks, impressions, cost, positioning, and conversions. Allowing us to quickly compare keyword performance with an ad group, a campaign, or entire account, with the corresponding searches that triggered them in a single click. You can even select specific keywords to see what searches and pages were triggered for those particular terms or targets.

Having this information so readily available is a time saver to many of us, though AdWords goes one step further. When the search query & placement data is presented we can do one of two things, well three things if you include downloading the information to excel; though that defeats the purpose of having the information readily available in the UI. The two other things you can do, directly from the report are add a particular search query as a new keyword in the ad group that triggered it, or add it as a negative term to refine the ad group.

These extra features go a long way towards making this information actionable nearly instantaneously!

Now targeting searches and sites on the content network can be more easily aligned with the searches and pages they are being translated into. By having this information readily available, advertising can be more closely managed against how it is performing in the “wild” as opposed to the sanctuary we have built with our campaigns.

Google bringing forth the search query and placement reports in the UI is part of a progression of changes that AdWords has been steadily making available over the past months. Allowing us to better track the advertisings effectiveness on our businesses.

Tomorrow, on Wednesday May 26th, Kevin & I will be presenting a Webinar covering many of these updates, including:

  • Ad Extensions
  • Search Funnel Reporting
  • Content Network
  • Remarketing

We are calling it: Updates to Google AdWords that are Ripe with Profitable Opportunities

Some of our loyal viewers will recognize these subjects from past PPC Tuesday sessions. The webinar we will not only recap what these features are, but what they mean as whole for a retailer’s pay per click business. We have also taken them individually and collectively as tea leaves showing us what direction advertising is heading in, and what business owners can draw from this direction.

You will also have the ability to ask us questions, challenge our theories, and learn more about what Exclusive Concepts offers to our Profitable PPC Clients. Sign Up by clicking the link our blog, The Source. We really hope you join us!

I hope this video has been helpful!

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