PPC Tuesday – New AdCenter Interface

By Matthew


Today, I will be discussing the new Microsoft adCenter interface which was rolled out last week.

After several months of gathering user feedback, adCenter has updated its interface to be much more sleek and interactive. At first glance the new interface is very similar to Google AdWords. You now have the ability to see performance trends over time in graphical format. You can edit bids, change ad group and keyword statuses & match types, and update campaign budgets directly within the interface. Previously, campaign budgets could only be changed within the “Settings” area and to pause keywords you would need to first check the corresponding radio box and then click the “Pause” button. Needless to say there were extra steps involved that became tedious! The new interface is much more user friendly and allows you to optimize your campaigns in a much more efficient manner.

Aside from being able to make edits within the interface, you can now view aggregate lists and data. For example, you can go into individual campaigns and view all keywords and ads at once. You can then sort by any metric you want. If you want to see which keyword has seen the most conversions you can sort from highest to lowest just like you can in AdWords. The only caveat being at the account level where you can’t see all keywords in your account. You must first filter by campaign and ad group.

Another area of improvement is the campaign settings page. Above all else the extra clicks are taken away. Showcased by the image above, all I have to do to adjust my day parting schedule is click the “Days” drop down link. In the previous version I would have had to click edit in the day parting section and then click the option to display my ads during specific times before I could make adjustments. The new version eliminates this extra click, which may seem trivial, but when managing several accounts is does help to save time.

Another great improvement is the addition of a filtering feature. You can easily find campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords in your account that meet certain criteria. Say you want to look at expensive, not converting keywords. As seen in the lower image above, setup a filter on keywords that spend more than $150 and have seen 0 conversions. You can then easily see all keywords meeting this criteria.

If you aren’t yet using the new version I highly recommend making the switch. Just go to the “Campaigns” tab and in the top right corner of the interface click the “Use the new version” button.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else the new interface has to offer!