PPC Tuesday – MSN adCenter Updates



We have recently seen a flurry of updates come in from MSN, some of which bringing some long awaited insight into their advertising performance.

I am going to cover a few of the most important updates we have seen, and what will be most beneficial to you as a merchant as we stare into this year’s holiday season.

During the entire transition period, MSN has been steadily updating the way we can import builds into adCenter, either through the Desktop tool, outside processes – including Yahoo, and now, directly in the UI. It has never been easier to take a Google or Yahoo build and incorporate it into your adCenter account.

There have also been some much sought after conversion reporting updates. Conversions are still tracked with code that we began seeing this summer, and can be viewed in the UI. Instead of messing with this process, MSN has added a new feature, similar to Google Analytic goals, that let you setup separate tracking all along your conversion path. They call this insight the Campaign Analytics Tool. You can not only setup goals, but also track specific order information, including the long awaited Sale Value or revenue!

This data can be accessed through the reports screen, where you can choose a Campaign Analytics report and customize the columns to report the metrics you are pulling.

You can now see how many people complete a sale, where they fall off, and what the sale is worth!

*A quick note: unless you are tracking consistent revenue value, the code will need to be modified to pull a revenue variable, as well as other order information.

To utilize the Campaign Analytics Tool, follow these steps.

  1. Define your sales path(you can setup different events comprised of separate goals) and the touch points or steps you want to track through.
  2. Create the unique code, including any custom settings, for each step and place it on the relevant page.
  3. If you are measuring the final conversion event, the code needs to be included along with the conversion code…it does not replace it.

    Once it is in place and collecting data, as I mentioned, the information can be accessed in the reports.

There is also another important feature MSN brought to adcenter: Change History Reports.

Now changes can be reviewed and tracked, similar to Google report of the same name. This not only brings a point of reference to see what may have effected performance, it also brings accountability and sheds light on the work you are doing to drive performance.

I hope this video has been helpful!

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