PPC Tuesday – Impression Share Metrics Update

By Kevin


Google has recently announced that they will be expanding their Impression Share performance data down to the Ad Group level.

In the past, Google has provided Impression Share metrics on a campaign level. These metrics received positive feedback from advertisers as it allowed them to see the percentage of impressions received by your campaign divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive. This is important as it gives you a pulse of where you are in the landscape with your competitors.

Advertisers were then allowed to add additional columns for further insight. Two of these columns allowed you to see where you were losing impression share for your campaign. There are two ways to see a campaign’s lost impression share. The first is lost impression share based on budget. The second is lost impression share based on rank. Advertisers were then able to determine whether or not to raise their campaign budget or keyword bids in order to further capitalize on successful campaigns.

The last column that can be viewed is the exact impression share. This allows you to see the percentage of impressions your ad could have shown for search terms that match your keywords exactly. If this percentage is low you can utilize Search Query reports in order to examine where you may be missing opportunities.

If this is something new to you and you would like to view these metrics for your campaigns you can do this by selecting the Columns drop down on the campaign view. You will then want to select the Competitive Metrics option and then Add the desired columns that you wish to see.

In an effort to continually improve the AdWords reporting and analytics for advertisers, Google is making Impression Share metrics available at the Ad Group level.

Advertisers will now be able to add three new impression share columns within their Ad Group view; Impression Share, Lost impression share based on rank, and exact match impression share. The only one not at this level is lost impression share based on budget as this is determined at the campaign level.

This will allow advertisers to identify further opportunity for successful ad groups in their AdWords campaigns. Using these metrics you can adjust bids to be more aggressive and capture more of the impression share as well as ensure your keywords are truly in line with searches.

These additional columns will begin to be rolled out to all advertisers on January 30th. At that time you will simply need to select from the Columns drop down the Competitive metrics similar to the campaign view described on the last slide.

We have used the campaign level impression share metrics to help guide our recommendations for strategic budget increases within the market in order to increase the overall ROAS.

At Exclusive Concepts we see this reporting update as an opportunity to identify on an ad group level whether to invest more within that category or not. If the impression share is low we now have the ability to determine if it is a result of rank or if the keywords need to reviewed. Any time we are able to gain clarity on a more granular level it allows better decisions to be made for our clients in order to ensure success and growth.

It is also important to note that with this update, Google is planning on updating the campaign level statistics as well. As a result they will be updating the campaign level impression share back to May 2011. If advertisers wish to keep a record of pre-May 2011 campaign impression share it is recommended to run a report before the January 30th rollout.