PPC Tuesday – Holiday Hangover: Post-Holiday PPC Opportunities

By Kevin


Well, chances are that today and tomorrow will wrap up your Holiday orders for your site. Once you have your last pick-up from the postman it’s time to take a step back and relax for a moment.

You did it!

But as you are relaxing and enjoying seeing family you haven’t seen what seems like forever for the holidays, you should have a thought. What do I do now?

Taking cues from the brick and mortar traditions of after-holiday sale events, online retailers should be considering the same.

Often time January can be a successful month for businesses and we should take the opportunity to ensure that it will be.

By utilizing PPC, online stores can promote year-end sales, exclusive offers, and more. All of which can be done with some fresh ad copy to resonate with the shopper’s and their frame of mind.

Consumers are looking for deals. Actually consumers are looking for steals!

Often times people receive one too many pairs of socks and start to look for what they really wanted this past holiday. This provides online businesses to use PPC ad placement to ensure that your ads are being seen by the right pairs of eyes.

So here’s some tips for the next month:

First off, consider keeping your Holiday budgets where they are. While many PPC advertisers may turn them back down, keep in mind that there will still be larger than normal search volume.

Second, with the budget remaining the same use that flexibility to ensure optimal ad positioning. Remember these are still highly motivated shoppers still in prime buying mode.

And finally, with that positioning you will want to make sure your ad copy speaks to the audience. As I referenced in the last slide, take the opportunity to promote year-end sales, exclusive site offers, and more. Take some time to see what your competitors are saying and look for ways to make your ad copy stand out from the rest

Of course, with everything you will need to do what’s best for your business. PPC allows you to make changes quickly so you can test these tips and make them work for you and your needs.