PPC Tuesday – Google Keyword Ranking Tool Update

By Profitable PPC Team


Today, I will be going over the recent changes to Google’s keyword ranking tool as it relates to the competition level.

Many users are now seeing a change in the way that Google’s Keyword Ranking tool is providing competition data. The original method involved green bars showing the competitiveness of a keyword. The greener the box, the more competitive the term.

With the new enhancement, instead of a green box Google is now showing the competitiveness of a keyword in 3 different levels: Low, Medium & High.

Despite the change in how the competition of the keyword is now shown, Google has continued to maintain the manner in how this ranking was determined.

One thing I like about the new feature is that you can hover over the Competition level for a keyword and get a snapshot of the score which classified that keywords competitive ranking. In addition one other cool feature is the ability to view local search trends year over year of each respective term. This can be tracked by clicking on columns drop down box to the upper right of the results and checking the “Local Search Trends” box and hitting apply.

Given the upcoming holiday season I feel this is a valuable tool in aiding to determine a keyword bidding strategy that will lead to profitable results during this time.

Now for users who require more information, they are still able to download the report to a spreadsheet and get information:

For any of those who regularly use this competition metric, the new competitive labeling is as follows:

Low — Competitiveness number under .33
Medium — Competitiveness number between .34 and .66
High — Competitiveness number over .67

It should be known that the competitiveness score is directly related to Ad Words PPC and not organic search. Google defines the metric column as “the number of advertisers worldwide bidding on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google.”

The old shaded bar represented a general low-to-high quantitative guide to help you determine how competitive an ad placement is for a particular keyword.