PPC Tuesday – Google Instant and PPC

By Kevin


Today is Tuesday September 14th and today we will discuss Google Instant and how it will interact with your PPC campaigns.

Google’s recent announcement has had many online retailers asking a lot of questions. While it is still too early to determine how Google Instant will affect organic and paid search behaviors, we can begin to see how the landscape of AdWords will shift with this new way of performing searches.

The main change to AdWords with users that use Google Instant will be how impressions are counted. Since Google Instant changes search results while the user continues to type their query we will see the page come to life until the user selects the appropriate suggested search query or finish typing their unique search query.

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So how will impressions be counted as the page changes with each keystroke?

Well, Google has layed out three ways that your ad impressions will be counted when someone is using Google Instant:

  1. An explicit commitment to the query – the user can hit enter, click search button, or choose the query from autocomplete
  2. A click on the page – This can be a click on the ad, result, spell correction, related search, etc
  3. Long pause while viewing the page – Google currently defines this as 3 seconds

Of course it is still early and we will be monitoring how this will affect paid search.

We may find that Google Instant leads to better targeting and drive well qualified traffic to your site. There is also some debate in how long tailed keywords will perform within Google Instant. Users may end up deciding on a suggested term that closely resemble what they were going to initially enter. This may shorten keyword phrases in time and put more emphasis on more generic and broad terms.

Of course we will just have to wait and monitor the true impact of Google Instant. You can be rest assured that as we at Exclusive Concepts find out more information and how it affects PPC we will share then with you here!
That’s going to wrap up today’s PPC Tuesday. Thanks so much for stopping by Exclusive Concepts.

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