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My name is Chris and today is PPC Tuesday.

Last week on PPC Tuesday, my colleague Kevin talked about a new keyword match type that is now available in Google Adwords called Modified Broad Match. If you missed it, be sure to go check it out.

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This week I am going to take a look at a feature just launched by Google that can have a lot of impact on optimizing your PPC targeting and delivery with the Campaign Experiments.

The campaign tester allows you to create a mirrored version of any existing campaign, which can then be adjusted to test different theories. A Control & An Experiment.

Within the experiment you can adjust the ad groups, including their structure and targeting, along with the keywords including bids/positioning & match types. This allows you to even test the effectiveness of making changes on the ad group level as opposed to the keyword level.

Any campaign level changes including budgets, ad extensions, as well as network, device & geo targeting, will be applied to both campaigns.

You can then specify how they are delivered (50-50 or 90% vs. 10%) and the date range to begin and end the test.

This powerful feature will be rolling out to advertisers throughout the month. To see if it is enabled in your account, go to the bottom of the Campaign Settings tab, and look for the Experiment–Beta feature.

You can then expand it to set your delivery and date range, and name the experiment.

You then get a new dialogue to adjust your keywords and/or ad group targeting. These links then go to the specific tabs, and every row is marked with the experiment Icon.

After you make your changes you click the button to start running your experiment.

After your experiment runs, you can then measure the performance between the two campaigns. If your experiment beats your control you can apply the changes. If it doesn’t, you can remove the changes.

Google argues that this tool is necessary because measuring performance before or after a benchmark is not the most effective. Even looking at performance 2 weeks before a change and comparing it to 2 weeks after, does not take into account fluctuations in that month’s traffic or any other outside events that could have played a role in ads performance including changes with respect to competition and market events. This tool allows you to test you theories over the same period of time drawing from a more pure sample.

Google also makes note to point out statistical significance, which is very important and can’t be understated. Whenever you are testing performance, you need to make sure there is enough data to make the findings relevant. 1 out of 4 is 25%, but you would hate to make a decision on only 4 opportunities, or only 1 response. Many times for the tests we run we like to see 10’s to 100’s of thousands of impressions before we make decisions. This also has to take into account the size of your market.

Testing has always been an important component of PPC Advertising, and now Google has introduced a powerful tool to enable better tests.

I hope this video has been helpful!

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