PPC Tuesday – Google AdWords: Makin’ Moves (And Movies)

By Advanced SEO Team


Today I’ll be filling you in on 2 changes that are being made within Google adwords, and what this means for you as ecommerce stores.

The first change is that Google is introducing AdWords for video. In an attempt to offer more advertising options (read: make more money) and pull together their advertising and video services, Google has launched a limited beta test for video ad formats as reported by Pamela Parker at Search Engine Land. Advertisers will choose from TrueView in-stream, TrueView in-search, TrueView in-display, or TrueView in-slate. The benefit of Google tying their video capabilities in with AdWords is that as advertisers, you are now able to run all accounts from one dashboard. Videos will still be uploaded through YouTube, but reporting will be accessible through AdWords.

The main benefit I see to this is being able to easily compare the value of traditional PPC and videos. Having it on one dashboard brings together metrics such as CTR and can simplify the process of determining value for your company in video advertising.
The second big change that was reported this morning is the news that Google will be weighing the quality of a landing page more heavily in the calculation of positive keyword quality scores. This is yet another change that is being made to improve user experience, and I think an important one. What I wonder is if they will favor product pages or category pages more heavily, or if pointing users to the homepage is considered too broad for most terms (brand terms excluded)?

A/B testing landing pages will be an effective way to determine the best pages for conversions, as well as for improved quality scores and total cost of your campaign. What this change implies to me, however, is that higher conversions will point to higher relevancy and therefore higher quality score. Only tests will give you a definitive answer, though.

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