PPC Tuesday – Google Adwords Extensions

By Matthew


Today, I will be reviewing the 5 Google AdWords extensions available to advertisers and why they make sense to use. You can setup any or all of these extensions by clicking the “Ad extensions” tab within the AdWords interface.

It is important to note that extensions help you take up more search real estate and further emphasize your brand and products/services. At Exclusive Concepts we have found that though the actual extensions themselves don’t always have high click-thru-rates, the ad headline tends to get clicked more due to the presence of the extra messaging and thus improves overall ad click-thru-rates.

The first extension I’m going to discuss today is Sitelinks. Sitelinks allow you the ability to add additional, relevant links to your ads. 1 – 6 sitelinks can show at any time and give searchers an option for their landing page. Generally, sitelinks work best on branded searchers as the search is more ambiguous in nature. In the image above, a search for “Best Buy” reveals 7 potential links to click (including the headline). I may have just been looking to get to Best Buy’s homepage, but now I have the option of checking out “epic deals,” “perfect gift ideas” and more.

Sitelinks can show in 3 formats: stackable below the ad, horizontally below the ad and embedded within the ad. The first 2 formats are the most common and will only show in the top ads position while embedded sitelinks can show in the right or bottom ads.

The product extension allows you to connect your Google Merchant Center feed with your AdWords account and show relevant product images and prices below your ads. The images above showcase the product selection for “nike shoes.” It is important to note that the searcher must first click the plus box link before seeing the images. However, when expanded these images take up much more real estate and push that much more product in front of the searcher.

Similar to how business locations can show up in the organic listings, you can connect your Google Places account to AdWords. If I’m looking for Crate & Barrel locations near me I can see addresses and locations on the map. Just like the product extension searchers will need to click the drop down link to see the addresses and search for additional locations. An address can also show directly below the ad without the dropdown link. To distinguish the source of a Google Places listing, AdWords denotes the location pin in blue while it is red in organic searches.

The fourth extension speaks to phone calls. There are 2 components to the call extension that will help drive phone calls to your business. The first is the ability to have a clickable number show on a high end mobile device so the user can tap your phone number to call you. This feature is especially handy for searchers on the go who want to get in touch with you quickly. The second feature allows you to put a dynamic phone number into your ad without taking up any characters. The phone number is generated by Google and is placed in the proximity of your ad. When called, this phone number will redirect to the company’s number. You are then able to view how many calls came in within the “Dimensions” tab. You can also see how long each call lasted and from what area code the call originated.

Note that all of these calls occur pre click. In other words, visitors call the phone number before ever going to the site. To see if AdWords ads are driving phone calls once someone gets to your site you will need to look into call tracking software.

The most recently released extension, the social extension, allows companies to hook up their Google+ page with their AdWords account. All +1’s will now be in sync with AdWords. So no matter if someone has +1’d an organic listing or a website page, this recommendation will now be visible next to that companies’ ad.

If you’d like to learn more about AdWords extensions check out Google’s help center. The link to the help center is below:


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