PPC Tuesday – Google AdWords Display Ad Builder

By Kevin
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Over the last month and a half we here at Exclusive Concepts have been highlighting the changes made to Google’s content network especially the new Remarketing concept that they have released. Google Remarketing utilizes their Content Network to target users that have previously visited your site and attempt to reengage the user to complete an action.

While Remarketing is still in it’s early stages we are learning quickly what ads are drawing the users back to the site and completing the sale. We have found that Display ads, also known as image ads, have been far and away outperforming text ads. The reason being that these ads are being shown throughout Google’s entire content network which includes blogs, forum, and everything between. Text ads require the user to read and often times the ads can get lost within the content of the site they are displayed on. Image ads stand out from the site’s content and catches the user’s eye.

While most of us are not designers and don’t have the benefit of a designer on our staff or expensive software to create image ads. Google provides us a tool to put together some Display ads in a few easy steps. The Display Ad Builder Tool can be found in each ad group within the ads tab.

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Once you are in the Ads tab you will then see a drop down button to create a New Ad. AdWords then gives you the option to choose from a Text Ad, an Image Ad, Display Ad builder, or a Mobile Ad.

By choosing to use the Display ad builder you will then be shown a large number of Display Ad templates to choose from. Google gives you the ability to browse these templates by industry, newest, most popular, as well as templates with the highest click thru rates.

Once you have selected a template Google will then prompt you to create the ad text for the Display ads. Much like a normal text ad there fields for a headline, a description, but then there is a field for a “click button”. You also have the ability to upload an image within the ad. This can be an image of a product for an audience that you are utilizing Remarketing for or simply a company logo.

While you are building your ad, Google shows you a preview of how your ad will appear allowing you to experiment with placements as well as choose a different template if you aren’t happy with the look and feel. By default Google will create 6 versions of the ad using all of the accepted size variations shown throughout the Content Network. If you do not wish to run all six variations simply select the sizes that you prefer.

Image ads have been around long before search. They are a viable source of exposure across the web where your targeted audience congregate. Where display ads were once an annoying distraction while browsing the web. There have been many steps to hone your messaging in addition to giant leaps made to improve targeting and relevancy. Remarketing truly drives this point home because you are targeting your ads to users that have already visited your site. So instead of shouting into the abyss of the world wide web you are now continuing a conversation with a user that is familiar with your products and your brand.

Like all paid advertising, you should always look to test and display ads are no different. Google gives you the ability to run multiple display ad variations. There are six display ad sizes that are eligible to be run in the Content Network. Like text ads we suggest that you rotate these ads evenly in order to effectively measure their performance. Google templates give you the ability to test some templates with simple animation. This can draw the users attention to your ads even more than a normal display ad.

Also, test your messaging within the display ads. Test different value adds, coupon codes, as well as call to action statements in order to find what resonates with your audience. We here at Exclusive Concepts have found that display ads coupled with an incentive to buy such as a coupon code has shown to be the winning combination.

This concludes today’s PPC Tuesday. I hope that you found today’s concept helpful. Spend a little time with the Google Display Ad Builder and you will have engaging display ads running in the content network in no time!

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that Exclusive Concepts offers PPC management with our Profitable PPC service. If you are interested in learning more why not give us a call and schedule a free PPC audit. We can be reached at 1-800-504-4324.

Thanks for watching and have a great day!