PPC Tuesday: Google AdWords Advancements Review

By Kevin
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My name is Kevin and I will be delivering today’s daily concept. This past week, Chris and I hosted a webinar highlighting some of the newest enhancements to the Google’s AdWords product. Today I thought that we would take a moment to review the topics discussed.

Google AdWords has released some very important product features in AdWords and we felt that it was important to highlight the key additions. We called the webinar, Updates to Google AdWords That Are Ripe With Profitable Opportunities, because we see the advancements being made are giving more control of the advertising to the advertisers.

Internet advertising first began as simply putting information out there in an effort to be seen. It quickly evolved to generating traffic in order to bring value to the sites. It stayed in this phase for a number of years before taking the next step. Last year Google began to show us another shift. The advertising became more aware of the goals of the business owners and how they are using AdWords.

We are now over the last 6 months experiencing a much more direct response from Google to meet those needs of online advertisers to maximize their investment through a series of new features.

We explored four of these new features last week.

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The first topic ad extensions provides the benefit of enhancing your ad with a variety of information pulled from other Google services. This allows you to better qualify your traffic before they click on your ad. By qualifying your traffic you are able to shorten the buying cycle and prequalify your sales.

This is further reinforced with the Search Funnel. This feature gives advertisers the insight to truly gauge the investment of paid search. Google provides analytical data such as 1st click, 1st impression, and last click. It also reports the time it takes for the shopper to complete their purchase.

We then took a step away from Google Search network and looked at the Content network and what they have done to refine your exposure to the vast sites in their network. Google introduced Manage Placements to advertisers. This feature gives you the ability to not only choose which sites your ads appear on but also which sites you do not want your ads to appear on.

We then moved on to the fourth subject which introduced a whole new advertising channel, Google Remarketing.

Since this was by far the most popular topic discussed on our Webinar I thought that we would revisit our Remarketing presentation from last week.

Remarketing takes the reach of the content network and factors the qualitativeness that makes search so appealing. Users are qualified by first visiting your site.

It is targeted based on the pages they viewed on your site,so you can speak to products they viewed or other paths they took on your site. This allows you to serve specific messaging to reinforce the pages they visited and win them back.

While it doesn’t seek out new audiences like the traditional content network and search, it compliments these efforts by increasing your ability to convert or retain a client. It is also effective to drive repeat business, especially for products that expire or need to be replenished.

To enable remarketing, you will have to put code similar to AdWords conversion code on your pages so that you define a particular audience to target. These audiences can be as narrow as a single product, or as a broad as your entire site. It is important to note, though, that any audience you choose needs to reach 500 visits. This is to alleviate privacy concerns, which also need to be considered as you chase traffic across the web with your advertisements.

Since remarketing takes advantage of the content network you can refine the sites the ads are placed on with the managed placement feature we discussed.

During the webinar we fielded a number of questions regarding the requirement of 500 visits to create an audience to target. As we mentioned this is in place by Google in an effort to address privacy concerns. It does not need to be reached within an hour or one day but rather it is the threshold that must be reached in order to enable remarketing. If an advertisers categories or products are receiving a high level of traffic than it makes sense for that segment to become and audience. Otherwise you may simply want to target everyone that comes to any page on your site. It is important to note that the 500 visits must be 500 unique visitors, you cannot trigger your Remarketing audience by simply visiting the targeted pages over and over again.

Since last Wednesday when we delivered the webinar we had a chance to sit down and chat with our Google team. They let us know that they have begun to see higher performing Remarketing campaigns utilize unique incentives within display advertisements.

That concludes today’s daily concept. I would like to take a moment to mention that if you would like to learn more about any of the topics discussed today that they are covered in much more depth in previous installments of PPC Tuesday’s Daily Concept. Please feel free to visit our blog at exclusiveconcepts.com/blog to view these and many more of our insightful videos.

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Thanks for watching and have a great day!