PPC Tuesday – Google Ad Text 101

By Kevin


When was the last time that you changed your Pay per Click Ad Text? Most often times people create an ad for their PPC campaigns and think that the job is done but it’s really just the beginning.

You should always have a least two ads in each ad group. This allows you to test various messages in order to find what motivates searchers to click on your ad and become a customer.

The reason for creating more than one ad within an ad group is that this allows you create benchmarks for your ad’s performance. If you are only running one ad you really don’t have a true gauge of your messaging and how searchers are responding to it. With two ads you are able to test separate value adds/offers and measure their messaging against one another.

You should also be conducting searches on your keywords yourself so that you can see what your competitors are saying. If everyone is saying the same thing then you have a great opportunity to standout by creating a unique ad that allows you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Lastly, this is easy to do and all PPC platforms allow you to create and run multiple ads for each ad group.

How do you create two text ads for the same ad group/product? Let’s look at your site and identify what separates you from your competitors.
Do searchers tend to click on your ads that call out discounted prices? Or is Free Shipping more appealing to your audience? These are two simple theories that can be tested with creating multiple ads for an ad group.

Do your ads utilize call to action statements such as Buy Now! Limited Time Only! These call to action statements present the searcher with an immediacy to stop looking and act now.

Also, make sure that you set your ads to rotate evenly within the Campaign setting s in your Google AdWords account. By default Google will show the ad with the highest CTR but that does not always translate into which ad converts the best.

Once you have done created your ads and begin to see performance data you will always want to revisit your ads and see which messaging is performing best. You can then create a new ad utilizing what has worked in the past but with slight variation to see if that will increase your conversions. Depending on the volume of your PPC traffic this is something that should be done anywhere from a weekly to monthly basis.