PPC Tuesday – Do PPC Agencies Really Help You Grow?

By Kevin


The big benefit to managing your PPC account in-house is that you don’t have to pay an additional fee in order to have someone manage your account. Also, you have an intimate understanding with your products and margins. These are things that would need to be explained to an agency and hope that they have the ability to manage based on that knowledge.

On the other side of the coin, PPC is a very time consuming endeavor. A few years ago many business owners had a “set it and forget it” mentality when it came to pay per click. This meant after they set-up their campaigns and flipped the switch they never made any changes and simply let the account do it’s thing.

Today PPC requires constant attention. Competition is high and you must constantly be monitoring your bids in order to ensure that you are in fact reaching your audience. Also, as you add inventory to your site you will want to create new campaigns and ad groups in order to drive traffic to your site and hopefully sales!

Even as an agency, we entirely appreciate why many companies see in-house PPC management as a good thing. Through controlling their own efforts, they are able to infuse their product knowledge into the make-up of their campaigns, they have a strong control over promotional messaging and finally they feel that they are in the driver seat when it comes to reporting. We’re here because there are significant flaws in this approach, and the main disconnects are because of time, bandwidth and PPC industry know-how. If you cannot make the time to make proactive changes to your PPC accounts on a routine, if not daily basis, then you’re guaranteed to spend a lot of money in the wrong place at the wrong time. These things require TLC. The same goes for reporting and benchmarking success.

Agencies can help you fix errors that in-house management typically overlooks, but they can also enhance what most people consider strengths of in-house management. With the right agency, like Exclusive Concepts, you can communicate your promotional calendars and share your product knowledge, but can also trust that the information will be acted upon in a professional, timely fashion without crowding your own schedule. The last thing you want to add to your promotional check-list is hours-upon-hours of PPC setup, tracking and iteration. Moreover, with agency management, your reports won’t just be limited to casual perusing through Google analytics, but will be presented in way that highlights KPIs, helps you benchmark the progress of your investment and allows you to better grasp the strengths and weaknesses of your approach.

But agencies add even more than just a professional twist to in-house management. Industry know-how will allow your PPC performance to keep up with the Joneses and more importantly, can help you create a significant edge over your competition. The right agency will not only help ramp your efforts up with all of the additional PPC add-ons available to you through the major search engines, but can offer their clout to get your company into beta programs that are not available to most websites. This is actually a significant benefit we bring to our clients and we meet face-to-face with Google periodically to keep up with trends and their new programs. An understanding of the best research tools and the credibly associated with each one makes a huge difference in how you manage PPC. It is far too often that a prospect of our is making decisions based on faulty research programs that terribly skew sample data. Finally, it takes experience to know what best practices you should follow and when you actually need to break those best practices based on the many loopholes that exist in PPC management. Advice is only as good as the return it creates and agencies have the experience to know when the fine line has been drawn.

An agency like Exclusive Concepts that specializes in holistically growing online stores can create a significant extra value through PPC management. We’ll use our company here as it makes sense for the example.

A client for whom we manage PPC and SEO gets the added benefit of allowing us to use short-term traffic generation through PPC as a testing ground for future SEO target terms. This approach can help identify which keywords will not be profitable from an SEO stand-point and which ones are worth going after as aggressively as possible.

We also do conversion testing for many of the clients who use us for PPC management. What this does is allow us to control both levers in the conversion equation. The visitors that come in through the front door of a website, and those who are encouraged to move into the shopping cart. Performance improvements on both ends dramatically improve the profitability and scalability of our clients’ PPC efforts.

Finally, clients who employ our e-mail marketing services create an added layer of quantifiable success to our PPC efforts, namely a newsletter sign-up. With an aggressive newsletter than has a high conversion rate, every sign-up becomes more valuable. This way, even if we couldn’t close a visitor on their first visit, we can stay in touch with them and close them at a later time. For some clients, the newsletter sign-ups alone create a break-even scenario for their PPC efforts. The first visit closes are the added bonus!

Exclusive Concepts approaches all of our services with the goal of achieving success for all of your companies marketing needs with our holistic approach

This is our vision for growing online stores. We believe that the most efficient approach to growth is by tying all strengths together; uniting best practices and allowing them to cross over one another seamlessly. Your user experience is supposed to be seamless and so should your marketing approach. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about our 4 core services of Profitable PPC, Advanced SEO, our managed conversion testing services called Conversion Booster or Precision E-Mail Marketing. We offer free audits to qualified websites for each of our services.

I hope you enjoyed today’s presentation and wish you a wonderful PPC Tuesday.