PPC Tuesday – Display URLS: Continue Your Message

By Kevin


Within Pay Per Click, good Ad Copy strives to include important keywords within the title and body of the ad in order to entice the user performing the search to find your ad relevant and choose you above your competition. Search Engines will always bold the keywords in the ad that the user has entered into the search engine and triggered the search. The more you are able to utilize the keywords in the ad copy the more your ad becomes bold. Again this shows the relevance of your ad to their search.

It is also difficult to mange the inclusion of those keywords along with delivering a compelling message. This messaging is important because it allows you to call out sales, values adds, and call to actions that are unique to your site and allows you to standout from your competitors.

One area that I often see under utilized when I am surfing the web is the Display URL. This is the last line of ad copy that identifies your website to the searcher. It is used to let them know where you are taking them when they click on your ad. Often times I simply see many advertisers have their Display URL be their site URL. This slide here shows examples of just that. “Fruit Baskets” was the term searched for within Google and these results were generated. You will notice that while the ads are relevant they all simply have their site URL in the Display URL and do not utilize it to it’s true potential.

But at Exclusive Concepts there are ways to optimize your Display URL. We view that as 35 characters of additional prime real estate. As long as you are listing your site URL you are able to use the unused characters to place keywords from your ad group within the URL. This creates more relevance for your ad in the eyes of the user. You are also able to use that extra space for additional opportunities such as promoting sales and other initiatives.

Let’s look at a few examples of how you are able to take advantage of your own Display URLS.

  • The first example allows you to insert the relevant keywords into your Display URL. This will trigger your ad as well as bold the search term. Here we are following the example of “Fruit Baskets” from our last slide. So now in addition to the keyword being included in the headline and the body you are now adding an additional layer of relevance.
  • The next example uses the Display URL in a different way. Here we are calling out a sale. This can be backed up in the add copy itself but reinforced with the Display URL. With the Holiday season approaching us I am sure that you will see your competitors using tactics such as this to create a sense of immediacy.
  • The last example that we have shows that the Display URL can be used to highlight a value add that your site offers in an effort to stand out amongst your competition. Again moving into the Holiday season any opportunity that you have to distinguish yourself should be taken advantage of.

Once you have your Display URLs set up and running you will always have to monitor their performance. Benchmarking when new ads begin running allow you to run reports and gauge the success of your new ads by reviewing their performance metrics such as click thru rate, conversion rate, as well as the revenue being generated.

It is also important to note that if you utilize Display URLs to promote seasonal sales and other initiatives that you will need to pause those ads and activate your non-sale ads once the promotion is over.

That will complete today’s Daily Concept. I hope that you found this to be a helpful tip that you can utilize in your own pay per click campaigns.

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