PPC Tuesday – As The World Turns: Rotating Ad Copy

By Kevin


Hello and welcome to Your Daily Concept, Get Smarter Every Day.

Today is Tuesday and that means one thing here at Exclusive Concepts, PPC!

Today is Tuesday, August 17th and today’s topic is an important one for online retail advertisers. Rotating your Ad Copy!

My name is Kevin and I will be discussing why such a simple step should not be overlooked.

When most people start up a Google AdWords account they are excited to get going and drive traffic and sales to their site. More often than not when new accounts are launched people are spending a lot of their time focusing on the right keywords and creating compelling and unique ad copy within their campaigns. These advertisers are correct in doing so but one important step may be overlooked.

That step is to change the default setting in the Campaign Settings for how their ads will be delivered. Let’s think back to a moment ago when I started discussing this topic. People start an AdWords account to drive traffic and sales to their site. The default setting of Google AdWords focuses more on the traffic than the sales side of the equation. The default setting in AdWords is set to Optimize ads by displaying the highest performing ad over time based on the various ads Click Through Rates.

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While this is not a horrible thing it is indeed something to keep in mind if your objective is to drive sales through your PPC account. By running your ads with the default setting you are not seeing true conversion rate data in terms of testing your messaging for maximum performance. To no fault of Google’s this default setting’s goal is to drive clicks not sales because for them clicks are sales.

But for those of us that wish to focus on the latter part of the traffic/sales statement there is a quick fix that can be done in order to rotate the ads evenly at all times. This will ensure that each ad will have a chance to be displayed evenly and in turn generate measurable performance data. Why is this important? Because you are able to test different value adds for your site and identify what resonates with your target audience. The true measure of an ad’s performance is sales generated. By rotating your ads evenly you are now able to measure multiple ad text by conversion rate data and not determine success by CTR data that is determined by popularity.

The change is quick and easy but the benefits are huge when it comes to measuring your return on investment with PPC.

First you will need to log in to your account. You will then need to click into a campaign. Once you are in the campaign you will see the Settings tab available. Once you are under the settings tab you will want to scroll down to the Advanced Settings and look for the Ad Delivery section and expand the plus box in order to view the options. You will then see the Ad Rotation setting and the ability to edit this feature. Once you select Edit you will want to change the setting from Optimize to Rotate. Once you have selected the selection you will want to be sure to save your changes.

One important note is that you will need to follow these steps for each and every campaign within your account.

Once this has been enabled for your campaigns you will now be able to measure your ad performance by the metrics that are most important to your business. Those metrics being your conversion rate and your ROI.

But as any good online marketer would tell you, your job isn’t over. Now the fun begins. Once you have seen which ad achieves a high ROI your next step should be to create an alternate version using elements from the high performing ad but testing alternative text or a new value add.

Ad Copy provides the environment for a perpetual test. At Exclusive Concepts we have a saying of Always Be Testing. Hopefully you can work that into your account as well.

This is often the advantage that will lead to success. Just because one ad works does not mean that it’s the end of the road. Rather use it as a blueprint and see how your ad stands up to your competitors and look for ways to continue to separate yourself from them with unique value adds and experimenting with landing pages.

That concludes this PPC Tuesday’s Daily Concept. If you would like to learn more about our Profitable PPC service feel free to give us a call at 1-800-504-4324.

Thanks so much for spending a bit of your Tuesday with us and have a great week!

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