PPC Tuesday – adCenter Location Extensions

By Matthew


Today, I will be discussing a new feature within MSN adCenter, location extensions.

adCenter location extensions are very similar to those in Google AdWords with the same name. By utilizing the locations extensions you can show both an address and phone number alongside your ad. This feature is extremely beneficial when running specific geographically targeted campaigns in the hopes of garnering foot traffic to your store and/or phone calls. Additionally, by utilizing the locations extension your ad will stand out from the competition and take up more search real estate. A recent Microsoft Advertising study of 850 advertisers in the United States found that campaigns utilizing Location Extensions had click through rates 8 to 16 percent higher than campaigns without Location Extensions*

Setting up Location Extensions is simple as the first step is to go into the main Campaigns dashboard and click “Manage your business locations.” Once in the Business Location dashboard you will be able to enter your business address (or addresses if you have multiple). A key differentiator between AdWords and adCenter location extensions is that MSN does not require your business listing to be taken from Bing Business Portal. Within AdWords you must first claim your business listing in Google Places and then attach. No such restriction in adCenter as you can manually add business location information.

Once you add a business location you can then go into the campaign(s) you want to set up for and attach. Just click “Edit your campaign settings,” scroll down to the “Advanced Settings” section and check the box for “Location extension.”

Based on the success of AdWords Location Extensions, I’m excited for what adCenter Location Extensions can do for local businesses. I believe click through rate will continue to remain high for advertisers utilizing this feature. They should also see an increase in phone calls, even if this increase isn’t substantial. Additionally, advertisers can stand out from the competition and show that they are relevant for local searches.