PPC Tuesday – adCenter Budget Allocation

By Kevin


Last week Chris discussed the importance of readying your campaigns for the holidays with increased competition, bid adjustments and more. If you haven’t had a chance to view it I highly recommend it as we are nearing Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Today I would also like to discuss something timely and highly relevant. The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance was successfully completed at the end of last month. Since October we have seen many advances in adCenter’s reporting and tracking which we have also previously discussed right here in our blog! But one thing that you couldn’t predict until the transition was completed was how will this affect my adCenter campaign.

Truthfully, adCenter had always been a neglected opportunity for many advertisers due to the amount of overall search traffic. Many often felt it was a better investment to allocate those marketing dollars to Google. Now with the transition we have seen an increased amount of opportunity with this beefed up paid search channel.

The increased opportunity is a direct result of the increased traffic coming from not only Yahoo! but Yahoo!’s search partners as well.

adCenter has become a true competitor in the paid search world. The one main observation within the first two weeks of the Alliance is that what was once an afterthought in regards to budget has now become something to observe. I have found that while sales are beginning to increase so is the traffic. With this increase in traffic comes a need to reevaluate your budgets.

In some cases I have seen search traffic double with some clients. As a result their budgets have begun to max out in some campaigns. adCenter runs on a monthly budget on a campaign to campaign level as a default. With this new traffic coming in adCenter is often pausing campaigns due to budget restrictions through out the month to ensure that your campaigns will be able to run for the entire month.

This is an easy enough fix but one that many may not be aware of. You simply need to adjust your campaign budgets! If you prefer, MSN now allows for daily budgeting, like google, but this can get expensive. It may not be that easy for some advertisers who have tight marketing budgets.

If you find yourself as a business owner that finds that the increased traffic is getting to be too much for your allotted budget. There are always ways to refine your account and zero in on the traffic that is most important to you and your business. This will enable you to remain competitive in this new and growing market space.

adCenter has some great ways to hit the mark with your campaigns. By adjusting your campaign settings you will be able to get the most bang for your buck with your monthly budget and hopefully bring in those sales long after the holidays.

The most useful campaign adjustments that can be made are identifying the times of day that you convert your traffic and setting your Dayparting or Ad Scheduling for those particular times. Of course if you are a local business or find that you have success in particular areas then adCenter allows you to target your campaigns Geographically. Finally, as a business owner you know who your audience is and adCenter gives you the flexibility to target your audience by gender and age.

Also, you can run publisher reports and see if there are sites you don’t want your ads to run on (you cannot differentiate between Yahoo & MSN). But you are able to exclude additional network sites that may show your ad.

As always, every business is different and it is important for you to identify your particular opportunities on an ongoing basis and adapt your account to the trends that you are identifying within your market.