PPC Tuesday – 3 Things We Love About Google AdWords

By Kevin
TOPICSGoogle, Paid Search, Product Ads


For Valentines Day I wanted to focus on the positive side of Google AdWords. Like every relationship we have had our fair share of ups and downs but AdWords is always working on itself to meet our needs.

The first act of love I want to focus on is AdWords Ad Extensions. We have posted many videos about these wonderful extensions because what’s not to love?

AdWords Ad Extensions have allowed advertisers to leverage many of Google’s other services within the AdWords interface. Product Extensions enable advertisers to utilize their Google Shopping feed to show actual products related to the corresponding ad copy.

Location Extensions are great for local advertisers who wish to connect their Google Places account. This provides users with your address information as well as a click-to-call phone number for mobile device users to make it easier for people on the go to reach out to your business.

Sitelinks allow the top sponsored ads to utilize sub-links that take searchers deeper into the site and to a more targeted page.

Call extensions now allow you to see the additional value of PPC ads by tracking calls including an additional line with a phone number and providing performance metrics.

Finally, Social Extensions now connect your businesses Google Plus page to your PPC ads allowing users to plus one an ad for a site that they have shopped on in the past.

The second act of love that AdWords has shown is one that keeps me coming back for more.

Remarketing ads have emerged on the scene over the last year and half and has produced some great results.

Just like the one love that got away, Google utilizes remarketing ads to stay in a visitors mind even after they leave the site. This is done by advertisers placing java script on select pages of their site. This then drops a cookie on a visitor’s computer. Afterwards when people are browsing the web they are engaged by ads of the site they had previously visited.

We have seen tremendous success in Remarketing by utilizing image ads for our clients. As stated in previous posts, Google Remarketing is effective for branding first and foremost with sales becoming a secondary action. Advertisers can increase their chances of sales by offering a unique coupon code to remarketing audiences that entices them to come back and complete a purchase.

Finally, as in every relationship people change. What advertisers wanted and needed in the beginning changes as competition grows and shoppers become more savvy.

Google has done a great job of changing with those needs to ensure that advertisers have many opportunities to grow as the world changes.

The last thing that we love about Google AdWords on this Valentines Day is their Video Ads Beta. Google has recognized that more and more people are utilizing YouTube for searches typically reserved for search engines. It has continually grown year over year and now ecommerce site can take advantage of this new channel.

For sites that have a dedicated YouTube channel, you are now capable of connecting that channel to your AdWords interface. This enables you to feature a thumbnail of a video next to a text ad. This is an exciting step forward for paid advertising as it becomes much more interactive with users and allows you to speak to the consumer.

This is still early on in the Beta process and the initial data that we have seen indicates that it will resemble performance results similar to Remarketing. So while this may not be for everyone, it shows us that Google’s heart is in the right place by keeping up with the needs of their advertisers.