PPC Spring Cleaning – PPC Tuesday

By Kevin


It’s spring time! No better time to clean up your PPC account a tiny bit.

Airing Out “The House”

Here at Exclusive Concepts, you will often here the PPC Specialist’s discuss the importance of a Search Query Report. This one report allows an account owner to see the actual search phrases that web users are entering into the Search Engines when encountering your ads.

This report is something that our team utilizes on a regular basis for our clients. If you are a business owner and you are managing your own account we realize that it may be tough to accomplish this on a regular basis. That’s why I am recommending that this be the first “spring cleaning chore” for your PPC account.

The Search Query report will allow you to accomplish two things. First, it will provide you a glimpse into possible negative keywords to add to your account. You may find that Google has been serving your ads to searches that you do not feel accurately reflect your site and it’s products. You are able to easily add these keywords as negatives in order to prevent your ads from being shown for these terms which will save you money from unwanted clicks!

The second function of this report will allow you to look for new keywords to add to your account. Keep in mind that this report shows actual searches being performed and it is the best place to find new keywords to expand your account. Keyword Tools are great but the Search Query report will show you the latest search trends for your market. Again, you are able to select the keywords that you would like to add directly to your ad groups.

For more details on how to run the Search Query report please feel free to explore our various Blog posts on the subject of Search Queries.


The next “PPC chore” that an account owner should perform would be to assess the landscape of your market.

Many times through conversations with prospective clients, they express that they have a grasp on their account. While that may be true there is an important aspect that they are overlooking. That is the competitive landscape.

We recommend that account owners should take some time every so often to simply shop! While this may seem counterproductive it actually extremely useful. By performing searches from a shoppers perspective you can observe what your competitors are saying in their ads and what value adds they are offering. This can allow you to make changes to your ads in order to separate yourself and stand out from the competition.

Another way that you can benefit from this exercise would be to make note of Ad Extensions your competitors are utilizing for their ads. If no one is using Product Extensions or Phone Extensions these are features that you can use to not only make yourself stand out but it also enhance the shopping experience and provide more ways to engage searchers. While Exclusive Concepts ensures that we take advantage of these extensions for our clients, if you are managing your own account this “PPC Chore” can be very enlightening. Feel free to view our many Blog posts about the various Ad Extensions how to utilize them.

Enjoy the Sun

While there are more tips for Spring Cleaning to be discussed in upcoming posts these two are great starts.

They can be pretty heavy “PPC chores” to take on at first but once you get them done the first time revisiting them every few months will be easier. Once you have worked them into your routine I am confident that you will see the fruits of your labor with improved performance.

And what better way to reward yourself than to grab a glass of lemonade (or wine) and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!